What Is Wrong With the System?

cyprus_greeceWhat is wrong with this flawed democracy that we all brag about and praise as an ideal system of government but fails to provide?

What is wrong with such a system that ultimately encourages corruption at the expense of the people who put their faith and hope for a better future?

What is wrong with the leadership that promises one thing to the electorate and then stabs them in the back to remain in power?

What is wrong with petty-politicians and “representatives” of the people who fail to act on behalf of the people but thrive on self-indulgence?

What is wrong with the Greek people who fail to learn from their mistakes and continue to elect unworthy politicians and petty-political parties?

What is wrong with us all who continue to support such a flawed system knowing that it thrives on lies, nepotism and corruption?

It is evidently clear that people here in Cyprus and Greece have both been betrayed by; the political elite; the parliament; the government; law enforcement agencies; the Judiciary; the banking system and by other failed institutions!

To the dismay of the electorate, Greece is having yet another general elections for the reign of power has broken down; it broke down because the existing disgraceful system protects the establishment and not citizens!

The election of Syriza party offered hope that one-day great changes were about to take place in Greece but instead they fizzled out; just like Mr. Anastasiades’ shallow promises that have betrayed peoples’ trust.

Without a Revolution of the Mind nothing will ever change. That means people need to speak out against social injustice in demand for catharsis and a social-conscious education system (Paidea) that produces “anthropous” to think for themselves and not drones!

The current political system offers no such possibility nor any incentives or examples of good citizenship in a caring compassionate society. That is what’s wrong with the system of government and its time for a complete re-think.


  1. Yes indeed, but revolutionary promises for change cannot be based on lies and a “virtual reality”, as even Tsipras calls it.

  2. Sheeple keep voting for dirty and crooked politicians all over Europe. People say that Greeks are responsible for who they elect but they should look at their own country: at least 3 millions Turks in Germany, more than 2 thousand billion euros of debt for France, etc.

  3. No hopes what so ever with the current corrupt system for prosperity and a better future. Public service is to blame for the crisis and politicians are the culprits who provide a cover for this corrupt system meaning our public servants are protected for what ever crime they commit. There is no law in this country other then the law of the powerful criminal and corrupt politicians together with their public servants who enjoy life with our looted wealth, wealth belong to us. There is no hope for a better future with this corrupt system.

  4. With the election of Andreas Papandrou PASOK, he introduced Soviet style socialism. It established and feed the belief that the state will look after you from cradle to grave. Once you provide entitlements it is very difficult for people to give them up. These entitlements destroyed the economy and there is no more money to pay for these entitlements. People wanted 15 and 20% wage increases, will not pay taxes, 1 million civil servants being paid by the government who has no money left. It started with Papandrou and the Greek people refuse to collectively take responsibility for the disaster.

  5. OMG, I love this this article . Finally a reporter that actually gets to the root of the problem, and speaks out. He nails it, and sums it all up in one article . Now can society do something about it, or are they willing to do something about it? This reporter seems to have spelled it out for its readers ,but will there ever be any change?

  6. For Gods sake what will it take to wake up the Greek people? They need to clean house and that starts with there government that means crooked politicians, and when you vote OXI to austerity, Oxi means NO not yes (this is not only a insult to Greek people ,but an Insult to Democracy in all Western Nations) . I hate to say it Greece should’ve left the Euro. Its only going to get worse ,how much worse can it get being out of Euro, at least you would show the world that Democracy is still alive .Instead in the birthplace of Democracy ,Democracy died when Tsipras didn’t follow through with what the Greek people voted.This is not just a blow to Greece when democracy died in Greece ,but a blow to other democratic nations . When Banks make mistakes they are not held responsible , but the people have to pay for banking institutions , by dismantling Education,Healthcare,Cutting senior citizens pensions so low they cant make it to the point they have to look for food in garbage, Selling off national producing assets for pennies on the dollar,which I might add would help pay off debt. Now you have Banks telling governments who must live and who must die(Tsipras is like Nero, when Rome was burning Nero let it burn, the only thing is I doubt Tsipras plays any muscial instruments) . This is all insane ,get out of Euro, and clean corruption in government (hang any corrupt politicians that take bribes, and Steal from the people, and sell out Greece to foreigner’s) and make sure the rich Greeks pay there taxes.Have a good tax system(fair) and not a huge wasteful public sector.

  7. Unfortunately, we don’t have a reliable justice system to fight corruption within our government to protect ordinary citizens from our corrupt public servants because if there was the country would not be in this mess.


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