Greek Economic Prosecutor Seeks to Strip Immunity of Greek Parliament VP

mitropoulosGreek Parliament Vice President Alexis Mitropoulos is being accused of money laundering and tax evasion.

On Tuesday, Greek Economic Prosecutor Ioannis Dragatsis formally asked Greece’s Supreme Court to submit a request to the parliament asking that Mitropoulos be stripped of his parliamentary immunity so that he can be formally charged with the crimes.

Mitropoulos, who is a lawyer, is being accused of not reporting income of around 1 million euros, according to Greek newspaper “Kathimerini.” The accusations stem from an old case where Mitropoulos was being accused of not properly compensating his lawyer colleagues from the approximately 1 million euros earned from a case, and subsequently failing to report this money in his tax reports.


  1. Now we know why crooks want to become member of the Greek parliament. This Mitropoulos should be stripped from his immunity as an MP and stand in a court of law to answer for these accusations otherwise the government (Syriza) is providing a coverup to protect him and his party.

  2. I don’t get it why should all the MP’s have immunity ? Nobody should have immunity .