Greek Finance Ministry: Attacks on Tax Auditors Won’t Stop Investigations

safari-apodeiksewn-apo-to-upoik.w_hrThe Greek Finance Ministry announced on Wednesday that tax auditors who have been physically or verbally attacked, will return to the businesses where the incidents took place.

The announcement follows an incident on the island of Mykonos, where two tax auditors were verbally and physically confronted in a hotel, after discovering fake cash registers. Hotel staff destroyed the findings and threatened the tax officials.

General Secretary of Public Revenue Katerina Savvaidou instructed tax auditors to send all the information and data of businesses that try to obstruct tax auditions immediately to the secretariat. She also advised tax officials to seek police support when such situations arise.

The phenomenon of tax auditing obstruction has started appearing more frequently, especially in tourist areas. Savvaidou stressed that businesses trying to intimidate or threaten tax officials will be audited again and will be closely monitored.

A regularly updated database will be created based on this information from which details of tax evading businesses can be retrieved for audit purposes.

According to Alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis, some 6,000 businesses are inspected each week. “We must find ways of shaming those who steal from the citizen and the state,” he said. He also noted they had already uncovered numerous violations with fake cash registers as well as incidents of figure tampering.