AISI Athens Sept 8 event

The AISI free seminar on September 8 in Athens is a unique opportunity to learn about working and studying in Australia, getting a work visa and immigration information from the experts.

With Greece’s unemployment rate being the highest in the European Union, Greeks are looking for opportunities outside the physical borders of their country to study and work.

A popular option for Greek job seekers is Australia, a country far away from Europe but with a brilliant record of job creation and the largest “Greek city” outside of Greece, Melbourne.

Greek-Australian Roula Tsiolas, Chief Executive Officer of AISI (Australian Industrial Systems Institute), offers a unique opportunity to obtain accurate and detailed information on employment and educational opportunities in Australia. AISI will be conducting a free seminar in Athens on September 8, to provide information about training and study opportunities in Australia for business, engineering, automotive building & construction, and English language.

What is unique about what an AISI education provides compared to other institutions is that all qualifications are accredited and nationally recognized by the regulatory bodies of Australia. The institute’s student services staff provide assistance to prospective students in both English and Greek. According to the Greek-Australian educational executive, “the prospect of employment for graduates in Australia is high.”

Topics that will be covered in the highly anticipated September 8 seminar include the cost of living in Australia, migration information provided by a specialist in the immigration field, and how to get trade skills recognized in the country.


“Highly skilled workers are greatly needed in Australia. According to the Australian Department of Immigration, these jobs are in high demand. People in trade professions can be sponsored by either the Australian state governments or Australian employers or they can apply for a visa to Australia as a skilled trades person.

Attendance for the event is free but one must register before attending.To get a special invitation and secure a seat at the event email [email protected] or [email protected].

“We are excited to give the opportunity to attendees to make individual appointments with AISI representatives in the days following the seminar itself,” said Tsiolas.

“People need to be able to make choices about their prospects of having their trade skills recognized in Australia. We believe that these free sessions can provide the information and assistance that people need to make the most informed decisions.”


  1. I’m not sure where they get the idea that there is a shortage of skilled workers in Australia….I’m Greek/Australian, but my grandparents and parents came in the 50’s when the government was asking for immigrants and had programs for them etc because there was very low population back then. Now it’s different though. Crowded due to all the Indian and Muslim immigration etc. We do not want anymore immigration…better to stay in Greece and fix your own country, kick out your lying politicians and control your borders!!

  2. Any free seminars to learn Arabic or do we keep attempting to communicate with our migrating guests by waving Euros?

  3. Note in the article “highly skilled workers” are greatly needed. I doubt Australia will accept your average café seat warming Greek Leftists, but doctors, engineers and other talented professionals that are under or unemployed in Greece would be a benefit far beyond the typical unskilled migrant that floats in on the incoming tide. Interestingly Australia has done a far better job preventing the flotsam from Pakistan, India and other countries from entering.

  4. This is another hoax to get these Greeks to attend & pay for training seminars in Greece with no outcome in the end.

    With no wage increase & very hard for Uni grads to find a job, it would be hard for an immigrant to come & start fresh in Australia, pay rent as you will no way afford to buy a house & get paid blahhh. Don’t assume that your degree will pay you a six digit salary at the beginning, unless you hit the mines.
    Most engineer jobs would be located in the mines in mining towns in WA & QLD where it hits over 50 degrees during summer months but with the mining boom over there isn’t a shortage of anything. Oh & you have to pay high taxes meaning you take home less but work at least 60 hours & are located in the desert – Kalgoorlie is one.

    Better go to Ios or Mykonos & party instead

  5. AISI if you click on their link & look at the scholarships they’re offering, 5 in fact but you must be from Turkey. Why isn’t the Greek CEO offering scholarships to any Greeks from Greece?

    I think they have more euros than you by the looks of it. Their Adidas is real & those Apple 6 Smartphones they are being robbed of. Hey, look at it this way, you can finally get that upgrade! lol

  6. Be careful. From initial inquiries this outfit is highly suss. Do not sign anything untill you have checked with Australian Government education departments. There are currently investigations underway in Australia re multiple shonky education providers attempting to rort government education subsidies and visa fraud.