Greek Interim Government Sworn in – All the Names

Greek Interim Government Sworn InGreece’s interim government between now and the September 20 elections was sworn-in a little before 2:00 pm on Friday at the Presidential Mansion.

A total of 23 ministers were sworn in, with 20 of them giving a religious oath while three of them gave a political oath.

Education Minister Frosso Kiaou, Finance Minister Giorgos Chouliarakis and Alternate Immigration Policy Minister Ioannis Mouzalas were the three ministers who gave the political oath.

The ministers who compose the interim Greek government are:

Foreign Minister: Petros Molyviatis 

Alternate Minister of European Affairs: Spyros Flogaitis

Interior Minister: Antonis Manitakis 

Alternate Minister for Civil Protection: Antonis Makrydimitris 
Alternate Minister of Migration Policy: Ioannis Mouzalas 
Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace: Filippos Tsalidis 
Finance Minister: Giorgos Chouliarakis
Alternate Finance Minister: Tryfon Alexiadis
Shipping Minister: Nikos Christodoulakis
Alternate Shipping Minister: Christos Zois
Alternate Tourism Minister: Alkistis Protopsalti 
National Defence Minister: Ioannis Giangos 
Education Minister: Frosso Kiaou 
Alternate Culture Minister: Marina Lambraki-Plaka 
Productive Reconstruction Minister: Ioannis Golias 
Alternate Environment Minister: Constantinos Mousouroulis 
Alternate Agricultural Development Minister: Dimitrios Melas 
Justice Minister: Dimitris Papangelopoulos 
Labor Minister: Dimitris Moustakas 
Health Minister: Athanasios Dimopoulos 
State Minister for Combatting Corruption: Panagiotis Nikoloudis 
State Minister: Eleftherios Papageorgopoulos 
Government Spokesman: Rodolfos Moronis 

The transitional government is scheduled to have the first meeting with Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou at 2:30 pm Friday.


  1. Honestly, they shift their jobs around so much that it’s no wonder nobody knows how to run a country!


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