New Greek Poll Shows New Democracy Trailing SYRIZA by 1%

metronWith the Greek snap elections set for September 20, a new opinion poll indicates changes in the structure of the next Greek Parliament.

SYRIZA leads New Democracy by just 1%, as the two parties garner 22.2% and 21.2% of the intended Greek vote respectively. SYRIZA’s former coalition partner, the Independent Greeks (ANEL), gathered 1.7% of the vote, which would mean failure to secure seats in the next parliament.

Former dissident SYRIZA MP Panagiotis Lafazanis‘ Popular Unity party would be in the new parliament that is set to convene on October 1, thanks to a 3.1% support rate. Another party that was not in the recently dissolved Greek Parliament, the Centrists Union, got 3.8% of the vote and thus also secures a marginal presence in parliament.

The poll indicates a sharp disapproval of the government’s performance these past 7 months. 72% of respondents had a negative assessment of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government while only 22% approved it.

The vast majority of the poll’s respondents prefer the euro, as 79% argued in favor of the country’s presence in the Eurozone instead of adopting a new currency. Meanwhile, views on the bailout deal that former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to are more divided, with 55% of respondents arguing that he was right to sign a new deal and 40% believing he was wrong.


  1. I want to know how is it golden dawn gets 6% in every poll but ends up with more in a election. Honestly are the polls this rigged or do they talk to a few people.

  2. Surely with the illegal immigration crisis GD share of the vote would increase. Not stay the same.

  3. Metron Analysis poll released August 28 Google: “Οριακή διαφορά ΣΥΡΙΖΑ – ΝΔ σύμφωνα με δημοσκόπηση της Metron Analysis”

    • SYRIZA 29%
    • ΝD 27.8%
    • ΧA 8.3%
    • To Potami 6.7%
    • ΚΚΕ 5.9%
    • PASOK 5.4%
    • Centre Union 4.9%
    • PU 4.1%
    • ANEL 2.3%

  4. The Far Left news website Zougla . gr just released the results of their latest poll conducted over the period August 23 – August 28, Google: “Kάθετη πτώση του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και των ΑΝΕΛ”

    Results of Zougla . gr poll conducted Aug 23 – Aug 28 released Aug 29:

    ND 23,1%
    SYRIZA 18,6%
    XA 12,4%
    PU 11%
    Centre Union 7,5%
    PASOK 4,9%
    ΚΚΕ 4,5%
    To Potami 4,1%
    ANEL 1%

    Two previous Zougla . gr polls for comparison.

    For results of Zougla . gr poll conducted 17 – 23 July google: “Τι έδειξε η κάλπη της διαδικτυακής ψηφοφορίας”

    Results of Zougla . gr poll conducted over period 17 – 23 July.

    SYRIZA 28.6% ,ND 22.3% ,XA 11.6% ,PASOK 5.8% ,KKE 5.6% ,Centre Union 5% ,To Potami 4.7% ,ANEL 2.8% ,with the rest split amongst other tiny parties, & undecided voters.

    Zougla poll conducted over period 1 – 2 July, gave XA a low 5.4% & SYRIZA at a high 35.2%

    The main pattern to have emerged over the last 3 Zougla . gr polls is a rapid drop in support for SYRIZA, a sharp rise in support for XA & the sudden emergence of PU & Centre Union.

  5. Google: “Greek legislative election, September 2015” which should bring up the wikipedia page for the upcoming elections. Scroll down to the “opinion polls” section for a list of the latest polls which is now available.

  6. As much as I would love for Chrysi Avgi to get that number, I am pretty sure a 12.4% outcome is incredibly unlikely. I do believe that we will do much better then the 6.4%. More then likely it will be somewhere in between, perhaps an 8 or 9%.