Polls in Greece Show SYRIZA’s Lead Shrinking

election pollsWith the undecided reaching 25.5 percent, the latest opinion poll on intention to vote shows that the difference between SYRIZA and New Democracy is shrinking.

According to a recent survey conducted by ProRata for Efimerida ton Syntakton daily published on Friday, SYRIZA would receive 23 percent of the vote with New Democracy trailing behind at 19.5 percent.

In a poll by the same company conducted in early July, 26 percent of participants said they would vote for SYRIZA and 15 percent for ND.

In the new poll, SYRIZA rebels Popular Unity barely make it to the Greek Parliament with 3.5 percent of the vote. It is estimated that 3 percent of the total vote is the minimum for a party to enter parliament.

Junior coalition partners Independent Greeks (ANEL) would be out of parliament if elections were held today, getting only 2 percent.

Golden Dawn comes third with 6.5 percent of participants showing their preference to the extremist party. The Greek Communist Party comes next with 5 percent, followed by PASOK at 4.5 percent. To Potami seems to be losing followers as it comes in sixth place with 4 percent.

The new poll puts for the first time in parliament the outsider Center Union, a marginal centrist party led by outspoken Giorgos Leventis who got 3 percent of potential voters.

However, 25.5 percent of participants said they haven’t decided who to vote for yet.

The pollsters also asked Greeks whether they want to stay in the Eurozone or not. The majority (68 percent) answered that they want Greece in the euro at any cost, even if that meant austerity reforms.

Also, 64 percent said that departing prime minister Alexis Tsipras made a wrong move by leading the country into elections seeking a fresh mandate.


  1. Wow, the voter plays the role of Odysseus having to choose between Scylla and Charybdis. For readers unfamiliar with Greek culture and heritage, Germans, Finns, Dutch it’s from Homer’s fabled poetic tale called The Odyssey.

  2. Splitting the 25.5% undecided vote amongst these political parties in proportion to the voting percentages they received, gives approximately the following results.

    SYRIZA 30.4%
    ND 25.7%
    XA 8.6%
    KKE 6.6%
    PASOK 6%
    To Potami 5.3%
    PU 4.6%
    Center Union 4%
    ANEL 2.6%
    Other 4.6%

    Despite a massive amount of media support, To Potami appears to be finished, dropping fast. It wasn’t too long ago that the media in Greece was pretending that To Potami was a serious contender for 3rd place, hahahaha. Maybe Stavros Theodorakis can ask his former (& current) employer George Bobolas to be reinstated as a TV presenter on MEGA TV. To Potami is a creation of corrupt Media Oligarch George Bobolas who put massive media support behind Stavros Theodorakis in a failed attempt to turn To Potami into a significant political force, that could protect his business interests.

  3. Syriza without the Z spells Syria. Syriza like Syria will soon be destroyed with in house fighting and as most Syrians are fleeing Syria, so too will Syriza politicians be fleeing Syriza.

  4. Metron Analysis has just released the results of their latest poll, Google: “Οριακή διαφορά ΣΥΡΙΖΑ – ΝΔ σύμφωνα με δημοσκόπηση της Metron Analysis”

    • SYRIZA 29%
    • ΝD 27.8%
    • ΧA 8.3%
    • To Potami 6.7%
    • ΚΚΕ 5.9%
    • PASOK 5.4%
    • Centre Union 4.9%
    • PU 4.1%
    • ANEL 2.3%

    Seat allocations in parliament would be as follows (given the leading party SYRIZA would collect the 50 seat bonus.) SYRIZA 129, ND 75, XA 23, To Potami 18,  ΚΚΕ 16, PASOK 15, Centre Union 13, PU 11.

  5. Polls in the NO election were off by how much? Media and Oligarchy still doing Greece’ polls apparently.

  6. So what happens if ND wins? Will it be continuation of Samaras policies? Basically will they still do what the EU and bankers want them to pay/implement?

  7. Yes, ND under Meimarakis will continue their slavish obedience to the Troika, just as they did under Samaras. After all, under Meimarakis’ leadership ND voted in support of the memorandum. https://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/08/13/greek-main-opposition-to-support-new-rescue-plan/
    ND also supported the YES campaign at the July 5 referendum. https://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/07/05/antonis-samaras-resigns-from-nd-party-leadership-after-no-win-in-greek-refrendum/
    I can’t see ND being able to govern without having to form a coalition with other parties, possibly PASOK (if they make it into parliament) or To Potami, or maybe even SYRIZA, Yes, a ND-SYRIZA coalition government is in my opinion highly likely.

  8. Greece might wind up with a ND-SYRIZA coalition government. An ND-SYRIZA coalition government wouldn’t fare any better than the previous SYRIZA-ANEL, & ND-PASOK coalition governments, and would within 12 – 18 months put the final nail in the coffin for both SYRIZA & ND who by that stage will probably be struggling just to poll the 3% minimum needed to make it into parliament. By late 2016 I think we will see XA, PU & Centre Union as the leading political forces in Greece, with SYRIZA, ND, KKE hovering in the single digits, whilst PASOK, ANEL, & To Potami won’t be in parliament.

  9. I wonder if Alexis Tsipras at times thinks about the fate suffered by his communist comrade Romanian President Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1989?

  10. I agree SYRIZA and ND may attempt a marriage of convenience but it would be basically a defensive survival posture and a rerun of the failed ND-PASOK-DIMAR coalition. Both parties are feeling pressure from the disenfranchised electorate and have already suffered loss in popularity as we see XA’s growth in the past and PU recently. With the bailout-breather’s inevitable failure whoever is the leader will be soon forced to new elections. However I question the ability of the smaller parties to be able to attract voters and instead think more single issue mini/micro political parties about 3% popularity will suddenly appear. Basically the same phenomenon when the Samaras-Venizelos government collapsed.

  11. You mean when he’s not staring at himself in the mirror? He is a borderline sociopath who does not bother to ponder the effect of his actions on others. His “me first” line of thinking is a result of far too much attention, praise and far too little discipline.

    I doubt he will be allowed to suffer the same fate as Ceausescu as these are different times when accountability for one’s actions is held to high standards. No he will retire in comfort probably for a position in Brussels or some UN entity like Portugal’s former PM Antonio Guterres.