Three Greek Shipwrecks Among the Best in the World

shipwreck1Shipwrecks are constant reminders of terrible naval tragedies and the lost lives of sailors and passengers, but with the passage of time, the stranded shipwrecks, found in various coasts across the world, become unique sites and they are often visited by thousands of people.

Shipwrecks create an eerie landscape, attracting global attention. Three sunken ships, located in Gytheio and the Greek islands of Zakynthos and Amorgos, were included in a list with the most stunning shipwrecks in the world.

“Dimitrios” (previously named “Klintholm”) is a small 67-meter freight ship with the capacity to carry 965 tons of cargo that was built in 1950. Dimitrios has been stranded on the beach of Valtaki near Gytheio, Peloponnese, since December 23, 1981.

“Panagiotis” is a ship that sank on the white sand of the Zakynthos coast. The beach is called Navagio (meaning “Shipwreck”) and it is a popular tourist destination with thousands of visitors each year. “Panagiotis” was built in Scotland in 1937 and wrecked in 1980.

Finally, “Olympia” crashed on shore while hijacked by pirates near the town of Katapola in Amorgos. It crashed in February 1980 and since then it has been featured in various documentaries, as well as the French film “Le Grand Bleu.”

Other shipwrecks included in the same list are located in Oregon, USA; Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal; Fraser Island, Australia; Lake Huron, North America; the Red Sea, Egypt; Antarctica and the Bermuda Triangle.