Moscovici: ‘There Was Physical Confrontation Between Varoufakis And Dijsselbloem’

varoufakis_dijsselbloemEuropean Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici told French newspaper “Libération” on Friday that there was a near physical altercation between Greece’s former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem before the start of the February 16 Eurogroup.

Moscovici said that he was the one who had to intervene in order to prevent a physical confrontation between the two men.

The incident was revealed after the European Commissioner was asked to reveal an incident that he will remember from the six-month negotiations between Greece and its international creditors.

“It happened at the February 16 meeting between Dijsselbloem, Varoufakis and myself. We entered into the meeting and there was a moment of physical confrontation with the two nearly getting into a brawl. One accused the other of being a liar and I was forced to intervene. I managed to separate them. But I did not manage to bring them back together again. They never spoke to each other after that,” Moscovici said.



    It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and two minutes to loose it, one lie is enough to be categorized for ever more.

    On the day of the referendum, I heard Varoufakis said on television that a deal would be signed with Europe on the following day, Monday, and the banks would re-open on the Tuesday.
    Either the man is an ignorant and an incompetent fool, or he is a liar. I never heard a retraction of this absurd statement or an apology.

  2. He and his Syriza comrades, and of course Tsipras, are all of the above… ignorant, incompetent fools and liars… and I will add TRAITORS for what they have done to the Greek people

  3. Liars, are part of the political fabric, so both were right… Varoufakis would have kicked the crap out of the flying dutchman…

  4. he is arrogant and a narcissist; he does not know the power of being humble; not having worked in industry he has not learned it; perhaps he beleives his own lies, subconsciously he may think he is right; he reminds me of Tony Blair in some ways.

  5. I like most Greeks am angry and disappointed with Varoufakis for not laying a punch to Dijsselbloem’s head.

  6. The whole debacle of the eurogroup has been that of a collection of liars and crooks, operating in a non-legal way and fooling the press and public into thinking that these are legitimate EU institutions within the rule of law. Their conduct is a direct attack on democracy and decency, and Varoufakis was right to get angry with the third rate sycophants who have manipulated themselves into these quasi-official posts.

  7. Not relevant. It was a silly political statement that nobody in his/her right mind believed.

  8. Why do people assume that the Greek gov’t had control of the banks? It did not. The ECB had control. Once the ECB cut Greece off, the banks had to close. Greece is in the eurozone, and thus, it has no control over its banks.

    As for this incident, we already know who the liar was. It was Djisselboem. Together with Moscovici, the three came to an agreement before the meeting. Then right before the meeting, Djisselboem inserted an entirely different text as the agreed document. This has all been covered. Peter Spiegel of the Financial Times initially tweeted that the Greeks had reneged on the agreement. Varoufakis shot back in a tweet that the initial agreement was an entirely different document. Spiegel checked with his sources and called this a lie. So Varoufakis sent Spiegel the documents .pdf over email, and Spiegel was forced to retract. He actually printed photos of the agreement Varoufakis had in hand on the FT website.

  9. At least Varoufakis stood up to them…No other politician has ever done so..They all walk sit down and sign away not knowing what they have signed the country to.
    Do not forget Varoufakis only acted as he was instructed to do so by the party…

  10. If Varoufakis landed a solitary punch on Dijsselbloem the EG President would have cried to the media about Greek brutality well before now. This story is 85% contrived.

  11. This is all heresay. Until proof of the contrary, the only one I have heard lie without restraint is Varoufakis. That is the problem with a liar, even when he tells the truth, no one believes him any longer.

  12. This is not a wrestling match, it has the credibility and dignity of a country at stake. Varoufakis did tremendous harm to image of Greece among civilized nations.

  13. Like him or not, Blair was a statesman and respected as such worldwide. You cannot compare him with Varoufakis who is just a self absorbed, arrogant fool that was quickly marginalized as an incompetent by his peers on the world stage.

  14. You are in a dream world. Varoufakis stood up and fought for the average Greek citizen who is hurting. If you dont see that, then you must be among those in Greece who still have a lot to lose. I suppose you cant wait to get your “friends” back in power.

  15. Did you say Tony Blair was respected worldwide?! Blair the pathetic liar. Does Blair still believe in his lie that Iraq has WMDs? Blair & GW Bush responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people. Blair & Bush responsible for the displacement of millions of people and the instability & mess in the Middle East. The only thing Varoufakis has damaged has been his ego.

  16. What are the civilized nations you talk about? Surely not Germany, Holland or Finland…?!!

  17. “Civilized nations” … Germany the economic colonialists? or maybe the USA or Israel who cause wars all over the world. Civilized like that?

  18. Varoufakis only fought for himself and his outdated futile Marxist ideology. The Greeks hurt considerably more after months of his cretinous, self absorbed negotiating style .. until he was thrown out that is, by everyone including Tsipras!

  19. I totally agree. The colonels were (rightly) put in jail, yet they did much less to the Greek economy than what Varoufakis & Co., did in five months, not to mention the country’s standing on the world stage.

  20. Paul, you don’t sound to me like someone that wants to live in the heart of civilized Europe. Why don’t you go to Venezuela or North Korea, they will love your ideology there?

  21. Sorry Cefaloni but you do not understand. I’m Greek and I’ve always been happy to live in Greece but I definitely don’t want to live in Germany or any other Northern European country. Greece is Greece and it will never be a “Germany” as much as Germany might want it to be.
    You must have a great insight to North Korea & Venezeula have you yourself been there or are you from there. Thanks for your suggestion but I’m happy to stay in Greece where I share a similar ideology with most Greeks.

  22. Maybe we dont want Venezuela or North Korea….But maybe the Canada before dictator Harper (who will get what he deserves in the upcoming October Canadian election.) …In general a society that thinks about all the people not just the right tards.

  23. Thankfully, the majority of Greeks do not share your ideology. They want to join the flock of civilized nations, which is around 70% of our compatriots I gather.
    Tell me something Paul, when you take a taxi ride do you ask for a receipt or are you content with the pension of the neighbour being reduced so that the taxi can pay less taxes?!
    How is “civilization” expressed in other European countries? .. by not being in the position to have to ask such questions.

  24. Cefaloni you still don’t understand. You talk about civilized countries, I don’t know what nationality you are but if you keep referring to Greeks as uncivilized you lose all credibility. When I ask you which countries you are referring to when you say civilized countries and your response is about getting a receipt from a taxi driver, you once again lose all credibility. When you put Tony Blair up on a pedestal as an example of a great statesman then that is a true indication you have no idea what you’re talking about. Lastly if someone doesn’t agree with you, you feel they should be sent to North Korea or Venezuala the irony being you feel uncomfortable about freedom of speech, therefore maybe you should pack your bags and head off to sunny North Korea.

  25. “Punching” and “kicking” people is the mentality of street hooligans. The European commission squashed Varoufakis where it hurt the most, aiming at his ignorance and incompetence.

    The Europeans have supported us, voting country after country, to spend their hard earned tax money (no cheats there) to assist us, even the house-maid has to give up part of her salary to pay for us. We should show some humility and gratitude.

    Greek “filotimo” is not showing how many muscles Varoufakis has or saying how important we are in our own eyes, it is in acknowledging our faults and being prepared to change. Other Europeans nations do not have the word filotimo, they call it dignity.

    The following article that appeared in these pages describes us well ..

  26. What nonsense, it is embarrassing to read such things, I’m Greek too after all. So every one else is a gangster and we are the honest ones! Do you really believe what you are saying, it touches on the comical.

  27. “Not relevant” – on the day in which the nation is voting!!
    what an extraordinary answer to give .. how embarrassing that some of my country folk think like this, thank goodness only a majority of Greeks read this !

    So we are supposed to pick and choose among what our government tells us. Have we become so accustomed to liars that it is now considered the norm, to be just brushed off with a smirk as irrelevant?

  28. Congratulations I see you have now become a Cretan. You call me a Marxist, a term that is thrown around quite loosely if a person does not agree what the EuroGang are doing to Greece. Cretan, do you know that Marxism was given birth to in Germany (one of your civilized countries) by Karl Marx. Being tagged a Marxist is quite funny considering I run a business that employs 14 people and yes I do pay my taxes. By the way that same civilized country also gave birth to Nazism which unfortunately too many Greeks out of desperation are beginning to embrace. Wake up Cretan, Germany, Holland,etc are not there to help Greece they’re there to Use & Abuse her.

  29. Paul, I am Greek alike you I imagine, and that is why I feel so strongly about these matters. Thankfully there are many like me who believe that it is time for us to stop saying how wonderful we are and how treacherous everyone else is – the whole world out to destroy us, what nonsense. We deceive only ourselves and we alone are to blame for our predicaments.

    Whenever things go wrong politically or people are unable to cope, they resort to conspiracy theories of varying content and degree. Plato described conspiracy as the standard excuse for failure and inability to overcome weakness. This is particularly true in countries such as ours where extraordinary theories are brought forward to compensate for the incompetence and corruption that government has produced.

    I talk about taxi drivers because I know what to expect as a response.
    I also have travelled the world over and nowhere else have I encountered a citizen who will shrug off such cheating as trivial, resulting in other people’s pensions being reduced. It is “symbolic”, not only of what goes on in our country day after day but also of how people think and respond to the problem, and this has to change.

    As a Greek,I call with all humility for joining the family of civilized nations, for I personally feel the need to improve. Yes, Finland, Germany, France etc., .. these are indeed nations where people do not cheat and they do not try to steal from each other and from the state at every opportunity, nor do they shrug it off as trivial when it is mentioned

    It has all been said already in another form in one of the articles published on these pages ..

    Yes, we are great, lets show it to others now and stop bathing in our self glory.

  30. I am not a Greek. I am treating the comment in the same way as one would a throw-away remark by a British or French politician.

  31. No, Blair is despised as a money grabbing crook who tricked Britain into an illegal invasion of Iraq. Most Brits would like him convicted of war crimes. You have a very strange idea that Blair is a “statesman” and Varoufakis is a fool. Of course, V. did not aspire to being a statesman — he wanted merely to solve the disastrous economic mess of Greece and the eurozone. A comparison of the two is very inappropriate.

  32. The damage was done by the Troika. They had no intention of negotiating anything and wanted to punish Greeks so that Greeks would punish Syriza. You are effectively an agent of the Troika, unwittingly perhaps.

  33. the cefaloni/cretan name change is due to DISQUS having unsubscribed me .. do not be personal and offensive.

    The Nazi argument is ridiculous, do you forget that we also have millions of Greeks that vote for Golden Dawn, which is as pathetic as the Marxists that remain in our society. Extremism, left or right is the same thing.

    Political demagogues, such as those that always surface in difficult times, feed on people’s ignorance, weakness and stupidity. They express grandiose ideas about what should be done but are never able to suggest realistically how to do it. When confronted with the facts, they ignore reality and hide the truth, extolling surrealistic theories based on lies.

    Equally influential to the extreme left are the right wing mavericks which, alike what happened during the build up to the third Reich that you mention, point the finger at the immigrants and other minority groups. They enforce security in the streets under the umbrella of national interest and bring support to the enfeebled with the purpose of gaining power, prestige (and votes) with the general population.

    This is how “totalitarianism” begins, by feeding on the stupidity of the masses .. though astonishingly enough, even some educated people get drawn in, not least some of which I have communicated with on these pages.

  34. We seem to be going around in circles Paul. You ask me what civilized countries are. That is very easy to answer.

    Civilized countries are ones in which people do not attempt to steal repeatedly from their neighbours, which is what happens every time one does not pay taxes or neglects to ask for a receipt. What happens when we don’t pay taxes is that they put down the salaries and pensions of our neighbours, it is as if as if we are stealing directly from them.

    Frankly, as a Greek, I find it embarrassing when a fellow citizen rejects such comparisons as insignificant. “Civilized” nations like Finland, Germany and France among others do not have this mentality. I hope that answers your question!

    As for North Korea, it is anathema to me. I only mention it when people alike yourself promote outdated and sterile Marxist ideologies through meaningless slogans or resort to personal attacks like you do above. I am here to discuss ideas, not trade slurs and insults.

    (apologies, as DISQUS un-suscribed me, my name has now changed to Cretan).


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