New Migrant Wave Strikes Greek Island of Lesvos

Lesvos_metanastes1The immigration problem in Lesvos, Greece, seems to be out of control as the number of undocumented immigrants arriving on the island is constantly increasing.

Just on Saturday morning, around 100 inflatable boats reached the Greek island shores, carrying over 4,000 refugees.

The great influx of migrants continues to rise unabated, with the number of refugees today reaching nightmarish numbers.

The situation in Lesvos is “explosive” as its local residents suffocate seeing their island turning into a vast camp of undocumented immigrants.

One can see hundreds of refugees packed in squares and sidewalks, with women, children and elderly people even sleeping on the ground.

The local community expresses its frustration with mayor Spyros Galinos, blaming him for being a mere spectator to the current dreadful situation.


Brutal clashes on the island’s port

While several migrants were waiting outside the Greek Coast Guard offices in order to be documented, small groups clashed with each other, with the situation getting quickly out of control.

Many immigrants, in a state of rage, ripped the protective iron railings of the Port Authority and started fighting and chasing each other, transforming the area into a battlefield. At the same time, women, children and elderly people were running in panic in order to avoid the confrontation.

Two people involved in the incident were seriously wounded, while four others suffered minor injuries.


  1. The situation in Lesvos is “explosive” as its local residents suffocate seeing their island turning into a vast camp of undocumented immigrants.

    Violent illegal immigrant riots on Lesbos Search You Tube for: “metanastes simplokes 298”
    Lesbos has a population of 86,436 (2011 Est) I’d estimate at least 75,000 are over 18, and eligible to vote, & I doubt they’ll be voting for SYRIZA, KKE, PASOK, DIMAR or Antarsya after getting this unending daily dose of illegal 3rd world immigrants invading their island. I’m guessing most Greeks living on Aegean sea islands like Lesbos will now throw their support behind XA at the September 20, National Elections.

    XA MPs Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Mihos received a warm welcome on Kos and Kalymnos. The locals were literally calling out “Save Us” to the XA MPs. The XA MEP Giorgos Epitideios (a former general) also visited Aegean sea islands recently and was well received by the locals. It’s quite amazing observing the Greek residents of these Aegean Sea islands, who up until the previous election were voting overwhelmingly for Leftist political parties, now suddenly cheering XA MPs. 

    These illegal immigrants, who claim to be refugees, show utter disrespect for the Greek nation and people! How could any decent person behave in such a way in a foreign country! Absolutely shameless! They are rioting and trashing a country that they entered illegally to begin with! 

  2. Wow….leave your war torn countries to bring war to ours….unbelievable. These people are going to cause a lot of trouble in Europe, which is good, because Europeans may finally wake up.
    I live in a city that allowed in Muslim immigration for the last 10 years. Used to be a lovely city, not any more. The areas they live in they have destroyed.
    They should stay in their own country and fix their problems. Imagine if the Greeks, during the Ottman oppression for 400 years, gave up and immigrated elsewhere. Unthinkable. Greeks did what they could and eventually overthrew their oppressors. They kept their culture, language and religion even after 400 years of occupation. The immigrants from Syria etc should take a leaf out of our book.

  3. Welcome to the Europe of the future..Desperate people…
    Thinking that Europe has so much to offer…
    Greece needs help desperately. It just cannot cope.
    What is sad is that the Turks take these people’s money and put them on inflatable liferafts telling these people that a great future awaits them in Europe…Great people…
    So many it is just wrong but can Greece do?

  4. These people seem to have absolutely no regard for the poor unfortunate people living in the stepping stones to their welfare paradise… No regard for public order, cleanliness or the horrible economic toll they’re taking.

    Again, who thinks they’ll turn into model citizens when they arrive wherever they’re going?

  5. Money from the hated Syrians, problems for Greece, from the Turkish point of view it’s win-win.


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