German Chancellor Merkel Anticipates Greece Will Fulfil Reform Commitments

merkel3German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed that she expects Greece to proceed with the implementation of the agreed reforms following the September 20 elections.

The Greek government had finalized a third bailout deal with international creditors a few days before former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced his resignation on August 20. The first 26-billion-euro installment has already been approved, with part of the funds already used to pay some of Greece’s outstanding debts.

“In the meantime, we have a program for Greece, a third program. We have financed the first dose of this program. We have elections in Greece and I assume that Greece will fulfil its commitments,” Merkel noted during a press conference in Berlin on Monday.

The German Chancellor further claimed that Europe was united during negotiations with Greece over the new program and denied that Germany was left isolated.

“I would say that Germany contributed a great deal so that Europe responded in unison to the issue of Greece,” she said.