Greek Elections: Konstantopoulou Intends to Run Independently and Cooperate with Popular Unity

Zoi KonstantopoulouFormer Greek Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou announced during a press conference on Monday that she will run “independently” while cooperating with Panagiotis Lafazanis’ Popular Unity in the September 20 Greek elections.

“I will contribute, so that this mound [the Popular Unity] will become a large front that will encompass all of us who share similar goals, values, ideals, commitments and a sense of responsibility toward the people, toward society and toward history,” she said.

Konstantopoulou, who was a SYRIZA MP until the parliament’s dissolution on Friday, has been an outspoken critic of former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ decision to agree to a third bailout deal.

“It is not true that there was no alternative and it is not true that there were no alternative proposals submitted,” she said and added that she made specific proposals to the government following the February 20 Eurogroup agreement. She further questioned why the widespread notion that the Greek debt is unsustainable is no longer being pressed by the Greek government.

Konstantopoulou defended her conduct as Greek Parliament President and spoke about the attacks she received from people within SYRIZA and the Greek press.

The former Greek Parliament President expressed her disappointment with Tsipras for not defending her in the face of this scrutiny and with the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos’ conduct, especially after the first parliament vote of necessary prior actions.

According to Konstantopoulou, the upcoming elections will allow the Greek government to continue to defy the Greek popular mandate. She noted that this is the first instance in the five years of bailouts in Greece, that the creditors, whom she referred to as blackmailers, have not protested the Greek government’s decision to hold elections.

Konstantopoulou Confronted by Alleged Greek Parliament Employees

Following the press conference, a person, claiming to be an employee of the Greek Parliament TV Network, complained of having worked for months without being paid and questioned Konstantopoulou’s treatment of parliament employees.

Konstantopoulou claimed that allegations against her concerning this matter are false and aim to distract the public.

Another alleged Greek Parliament employee then proceeded to make a speech in front of Konstantopoulou, in which she argued that she is disappointed with the former Parliament President.


  1. The people can not be betrayed with a 61% landslide victory in the referendum.

    Even Ekathigermoney defies democracy by putting down parties with its selective journalism and banning Greeks defending Greece in favor of German commentators slandering Greece. To be seen.

    Popular Unity should have a lot more than the single digit support if the referendum is of any indication.

  2. The parliament employees appear to be plants to discredit Konstantopoulou…….it failed. We may not agree with Zoe on many topics but it’s damn good to see someone dig their heels in on moral principle.

  3. Zoe Konstantopoulou was the best Greek Parliamentary President we had. She spoke the truth elegantly, and decisively. The Greek dinosaurs that have been in power for decades and have sold Greece to the EU bergemeisters, felt threatened by her intellect and her charisma. The fact that she was a woman, and outspoken in her beliefs about the bailout, and her disappointment with Tsipras, set her apart from the Syriza right wingers. I will be voting for the Popular Unity Party, as I believe the only solution is the Independence of Greece, our own monetary currency and sovereignty for our country. History will note, that this episode in Europe was the attempt to usurp the sovereignty of a country through control of the banks by a single monetary currency run by the biggest thieves in history, abetted by the biggest colonial powers.