Archaeological Restoration of the Amphipolis Tomb a Possibility

amfipoli11Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) will convene on Tuesday to decide on whether to approve a study for the maintenance and restoration of the Amphipolis tomb.

The discovery of the ancient burial monument on the Kasta hill in northern Greece caused a major stir in August 2014. Initially it was believed it was the tomb of Olympias, the mother Alexander the Great. However, further examination of the findings ruled out the connection wth Olympias.

KAS, an important body in the Ministry of Culture, will decide on the study that concerns the building of supporting earthworks to secure the slope of the Kasta hill, the monument, the enclosure, and its surroundings. Also water drainage and protection from the elements will be discussed ahead of winter.

The Council will also examine the preliminary studies for the maintenance of the third chamber of the tomb as well as the floors.

Katerina Peristeri, the archaeologist who was the head of the Amphipolis tomb excavation, was urgently taken to the hospital on Monday facing heart problems.