Greek Elections: New Poll Shows Slight New Democracy Lead Over SYRIZA

pollA new opinion poll on the Greek elections broadcast on Wednesday shows New Democracy leading slightly over SYRIZA by a 0.3 percentage point. This is the first poll showing ND having an edge over the leftist party.

In the poll conducted by GPO for Mega television, on the intention to vote question, 25.3 percent of participants would vote for New Democracy while SYRIZA received 25 percent. Ultra-nationalists Golden Dawn came in third at 5.5 percent.

Again, the number of voters who are still undecided is high, this time being at 12.8 percent. As for the rest of the parties, PASOK came fourth at 5.3 percent, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) followed at 5.1 percent, To Potami (The River) came next at 4.6 percent, SYRIZA extreme leftist offshoot Popular Unity received 4 percent.

Centrists’ Union, the surprise of the new polls, gathered 3.2 percent; former junior coalition party Independent Greeks (ANEL) were at 3 percent, the minimum needed for a party to enter parliament.

Additionally, the GPO poll is the first showing ND leader Vangelis Meimarakis as slightly more popular for the prime minister’s seat with 44.3 percent while recently departed PM Alexis Tsipras got 41.9 percent.


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