Greek Schools May Remain Closed Due to Staff Shortages

greek-schoolsSeveral public schools across Greece are facing the risk of remaining closed, after September – the official back-to-school day. “Many schools will be closed on September 11,” stated on Thursday September 3 the Hellenic Primary School Teachers’ Federation. “We’re just one week away from the start of the course and we face major problems in education which require immediate solutions,” added the Federation of Secondary School Teachers.

According to Greek news, the teacher’s federation in Greece shows the major problem faced by schools in the country in regards to staff shortages, which need to be address by the Education Ministry.

Greek caretaker Education Minister Froso Kiaoy had a series of meetings with the boards of Greece teacher association in order to discuss the staff shortages in view of the new school year. The two federations noted that there were 21,000 empty positions until September 1, not counting the vacancies that will arise until September 11 due to teachers’ retirements, illnesses and pregnancies.

Meanwhile, the ministry has presented different data, with caretaker Minister noting that there are about 20,000 vacancies, while the general secretary Dimitris Chasapis (appointed by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government) spoke about 17,000 empty positions. Furthermore, the ministry issued an official announcement where it stated that 12,000 positions would be funded by the NSRF, while 8,000 job positions are expected to be covered from national resources.