Stop Migrant Suffering in Greece; List of Top Humanitarian Organizations

MigrantsBelow, you can find all the useful links and contact information of some of the humanitarian organizations struggling to cope with migrant suffering in Greece on a daily basis. Don’t waste any more time, join one of the teams and offer your help now!

Sunday School For Migrants

According to the announcement: “On September 6 and 13, from 11:00 am through 5:00 pm and while the process of entries for students, teachers and the secretarial team for the “Sunday School For Migrants” will be in progress, we will collect the following items that were requested by volunteers in Mytilene: pots, pans, baking pans, plates, forks, glasses, cups, shoes, socks, underwear, coloring books, markers and crayons, rice, tomato cans, sheets, blankets, flour, and cleansers.

-Outside the bags or boxes with the clothes you provide, you are kindly requested to write down to whom (gender and age) they are addressed to.
– There is an urgent need for a volunteer doctor in Molyvos.
– For more information call 6974486368

Sunday School For Migrants: 145 Argos Street, Athens

Hug (Reception of Refugees in Mytilene)

If you want to contribute in order to grow this “Hug,” you can use the following banking account: Alpha Bank IBAN: GR5401405990599002101026620

Deport Racism Organization

By visiting the “Deport Racism Organization” website you can be informed about the needs of refugees in Greece regarding food, clothing and other items, as well as other important issues.

Crowdfunding Lesvos Refugees

“Crowdfunding Lesvos Refugees” is a global initiative to collect £1,000 and provide food, water and shelter to refugees in Lesvos. £10,735 have been raised so far.

Caritas Hellas 

Caritas Hellas (Caritas = Love, Charity) announced a special program for addressing the humanitarian crisis.

“Caritas Hellas” is the charity NGO of the Catholic Church regarding the problems of immigrants and refugees on the islands.

Contact information: Tel: 210 361 3848 / Email: [email protected] / Address: 52 Kapodistriou Street, 10432, Athens

Alpha Bank IBAN: GR4301402600260002101095826

Actions: Psychological support for refugees. Emergency program for humanitarian aid missions on the islands. Distribution of food, clothes and essential items for women and children. Sleeping bags and mattresses supplies.


“METAction” is looking for volunteers with educational experience in Greek language teaching on refugees and migrants. Those who are interested can send their CV along with a letter of motivation at [email protected]

Hellenic Red Cross

Contact information: Tel: 210 524 7879 / Email: [email protected] / Address: 1 Lycabettus Street, 10672, Athens

EUROBANK // Bank Account Number: 0026.0240.31.0200879616

ATTICA // Bank Account Number: 84885452

Actions of Hellenic Red Cross: Medical and humanitarian aid. Distribution of dry food, personal hygiene items, baby items, drinking water.

Help For Refugees in Molyvos

“Help For Refugees in Molyvos” is an international Facebook campaign aiming to help migrants who have escaped from their country.

Hot Meals & Basic Supplies For Unsheltered Refugees in Thessaloniki

Another international campaign for refugees in Thessaloniki.

Kos Solidarity

Kos citizens aim to gather all the essential items for refugees through their touching campaign called “Kos Solidarity.”

Save The Children

Make a donation to “Save The Children”

Tel: 210 775 8732

Email: [email protected]

Address: 54 Papadiamantopoulou Street, 15771, Athens

Actions: Distribution of relief items such as diapers, hygiene kits and food to children.

Doctors Without Borders

Make a donation to “Doctors Without Borders”

Tel: 210 520 0500

Address: 15 Xenia Street, 115 27, Athens

National Bank of Greece IBAN GR3601100800000008048084795
Alpha Bank IBAN GR0901401040104002786014420
Piraeus IBAN GR9601720110005011013626464
Eurobank IBAN GR5002602150000410100065050

Actions: Healthcare. Distribution of relief items to newly arrived refugees, such as soap, toothbrushes, towels and nutritional supplements. Runs mobile clinics in the Dodecanese Islands.

Doctors Of The World

Make a donation at “Doctors Of The World”

Tel: 210 321 3150

Email: [email protected]

Address: 12 Sappho Street, 10553, Athens

National Bank of Greece // Account Number: 141/29611217
Alpha Bank // Account Number: 199-00-2002-002401
Piraeus Bank // Account Number: 5018-005706-640
Eurobank // Number of accounts: 0026/0003/01/0100789826
Cooperative Bank of Chania // Account Number: 124932001

Actions: Humanitarian and medical assistance. Distribution of relief items such as medicine, diapers, sleeping bags and mattresses.

Kozani: Food collection for refugees in the Idomeni region

The humanitarian aid includes: bottled water, biscuits, bread sticks, croissants, juice, milk, toiletries for women and children, such as baby diapers and sanitary napkins, baby wipes, tissues, paper towels and toilet paper.

On a daily basis through September 11 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the offices of regional units.

Kalamaria municipality expresses solidarity to migrants and refugees

From September 7, there will be a basket at the City Hall (58 Komninon Street) for gathering essential items, such as food that does not require refrigeration, cleaning and personal hygiene products, baby food (milk, biscuits, croissants), baby diapers, bottled water and disinfectants.


  1. I failed to see any mention of “Social Justice Worrying” Pope Francis. Is there any Papal funds being used to save Muslim lives or perhaps Syrian Christians? This looks a lot like the Holocaust by the Croatian Ustase of Serbian Orthodox 300,000 killed and Yugoslavian Jews that only God knows how many were killed, supported financially and spiritually by the Vatican. History repeats and no one seems to learn.

  2. The country and its government cannot help and support its own people so how can it stop the suffering of migrants when we Greeks are suffering more then these people…

  3. Across Greece, particularly in big cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, are scores of thousands of homeless Greek citizens, but they don’t qualify for free health care and benefits in today’s Marxist governed Greece because they didn’t come to Greece on flimsy rafts from foreign lands like these Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis etc did.

    ShAmnesty International doesn’t raise a peep about the suffering of these homeless Greeks, nor about the numerous Greek citizens that have been viciously murdered by illegal immigrants, nor about the 10,000 Greek citizens who suicided due to the economic impovershment of Greece caused by decades of ND, PASOK and now SYRIZA, ANEL corruption, & the 3 usurous memorandums supported by these same parties!

    Despite being THE ONLY political party that DOESN’T RECEIVE a single Euro of state funding -(note: €50 million of state funding is distributed annually to all political parties EXCEPT Golden Dawn which gets nothing.)- Golden Dawn continues its charity drives for impoverished Greek citizens.

    Thanks to Golden Dawn’s supporters in Australia, America & Canada and especially the Italian Nationalists of Casa Pound who contributed to Golden Dawn’s latest food appeal, Golden Dawn was able to provide tonnes of food to impoverished Greeks in need. Google:
    “Η ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ στο πλευρό των Ελλήνων – Φωτορεπορτάζ από την μεγάλη διανομή τροφίμων της Χρυσής Αυγής!”

  4. Dear Greeks,

    Make sure to listen to leftists that ask you to donate money to any NGOs that references former Yugoslavians as “Macedonians”. Give lots of what little money you have to “human rights” NGOs that unethically evade over their irredentism and bizarre attempt to usurp our identity to hide their mistake of supporting them.

    Fund your own ethnic cleansing as our brilliant leftists ask of you.

  5. if I can recall, you have called me a Macedonian in the past. You need to stop hating as it’s showing.

  6. What I really care about is your hair. Meimarakis needs a few plugs before the election to attract the youthful voter…..;-)

    My comment is to demonstrate how out of touch the Vatican is. They allowed Catholics to massacre Orthodox and now Muslims killing Muslims. Still waiting for His Holiness to say and do something that addresses the issue before it gets completely out of hand in Greece and the rest of Europe.

  7. The way to stop migrant suffering in Greece is to get rid of the extreme left in Greece that has turned Greece into a refugee camp with their non-existent immigration policies.

  8. Stop the suffering of the Greek citizens. Send the immigrants to a country of “cultural similarity”….now.


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