New Tragedy in Refugee Crisis: Two-Month-Old Syrian Child Drowns by Agathonisi Island

Following the death of Aylan Kurdi, another child has passed away during his family’s effort to migrate to Europe.

A two month Syrian boy was declared dead on the island of Samos on Saturday after the boat that was transporting him and his family to Europe hit some rocks on Agathonisi, a small Greek island which is located close to Samos. The boat sunk and those aboard fell into the sea, while the child drowned.

Agathonisi, has a population of around 200 people and does not have a nurse or a doctor, therefore the child had to be transported to Samos, which is approximately 50 kilometres to the North. The effort to transfer the baby in hopes to receive medical attention ended tragically since a boat had to go from Samos to Agathonisi to take the baby  back to Samos, taking approximately three hours. The infant passed away during the way back to Samos.