Opinion Polls Foreshadow Close Race in Greek Elections

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If opinion polls are any indication, the September 20 Greek elections will run down to the wire.

In the January 2015 Greek elections, SYRIZA had collected 36.3% of the vote while New Democracy had 27.8%. A little over seven months later, opinion polls indicate that this 8.5% lead has severely diminished — if not completely evaporated.

While two opinion polls published this past week showed New Democracy leading SYRIZA for the first time, two other opinion polls drew the two contenders.

SYRIZA and New Democracy both got 25.1% of the intended vote of the respondents of an opinion poll conducted by MRB company for STAR TV network.

While the two parties are equally popular, 37.1% of respondents prefer former Greek Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras for the country’s Prime Ministry,as opposed to the 36% who would choose New Democracy President Evangelos Meimarakis. However, 34.8% support Meimarakis as a political leader and 34.3% support Tsipras for the same position.

At the same time an opinion poll conducted by the University of Macedonia for SKAI TV network also tied the two parties, giving 27% of the intended vote to each. In this poll, the two parties’ leaders are seen as equally capable of running the country with each candidate garnering 27.5% of the respondents’ support.

The Independent Greeks (ANEL) were unable in either of these two polls to gather enough voters to secure the minimum 3% of the Greek vote that is required for a party to sit in the Greek parliament. The former coalition-governing party got 2.5% of the vote in the MRB poll and 1.5% in the University of Macedonia poll.

The remaining parties that were in the last Greek parliament, Golden Dawn, the Greek Communist Party (KKE), To Potami and PASOK, all secured seats in the next parliament according to both of these polls.

With the polls showing a weakened ANEL party, two other parties, the Union of Centrists and the recently formed Popular Unity are consistently shown as securing the seats in the next parliament for the first time in their history.

MRB Poll- Intended Vote:

SYRIZA: 25.1%

New Democracy: 25.1%

Golden Dawn: 6%

PASOK: 5.2%

Greek Communist Party (KKE): 5%

To Potami: 4.6%

Union of Centrists:3.9%

Popular Unity: 3.6%

Independent Greeks (ANEL): 2.3%


University of Macedonia Poll- Intended Vote:


New Democracy: 27%

Golden Dawn:6.5 %

Greek Communist Party (KKE): 6%

To Potami: 5.5%

PASOK: 4.5 %

Union of Centrists:4.5%

Popular Unity: 4%

Independent Greeks (ANEL): 2.3%


  1. Wow Golden Dawn is consistently third most popular party but is intentionally prevented from debating the others. Why are they afraid to let Mihaloliakos speak or is it the media’s intention that they pick the candidates and not the people. Let the man speak and GD’s fortune sinks or swims on every word he utters. Only in communist countries do you see such brinksmanship in the political forum.

  2. You mean that in fascist countries there is free speech .. you write such nonsense in these pages, get a life my friend!

  3. Racial or ethnic supremacists have no rights that human beings are bound to respect, and if they are encouraging and organizing violent attacks against weaker sections of the population they should be violently suppressed by any force willing to take on the job.

  4. That’s not very tolerant. Who in this case is being intolerant, or is fear that drives some to silence others? In a democracy especially as elections draw near it is incumbent to hear from “all” major party leaders….not just those that “acceptable” and pliable towards the one’s viewpoint. The people are not stupid they will draw their own conclusions from the debate.

    We are facing a major Muslim Migration-Invasion crisis. As a free people we question who is tolerant of the beliefs and culture the Greeks or the Migrants. So far Greece has been very patient and accepting towards a people that break our immigration laws, resist cultural assimilation and in fact have repeatedly demonstrated they are quite radical towards Westerners and Christians. Yet we allow them practically free subsidized access into Europe. If we were to practice our beliefs in their home country what do you suppose would be their reaction but intolerance.

  5. We are facing a major humanitarian refugee crisis thanks to the 4 year Civil War in Syria and the 12 year War in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    international refugee laws trump local immigration laws, especially when the country, like Greece, is a signor to those treaties

    most are going to other parts of Europe anyway

    there are millions of Christians in the middle east

  6. The cause of the Illegal migration is two fold. First is the lack of diplomacy brought on by toppling strongman Middle East governments that destabilized some but not all the people of nations participating as migrants. The second far more insidious is caused by the lack of workforce labor in the Northern tier nations of Europe with low birth rates and fast aging population placing straining the welfare state and employment. Instead of implementing a guest worker program Merkel has decided to open the flood gates which will fail to pay the expectant dividends of low wage unskilled labor, but in effect is lighting a fuse for social strife, greater demand on the nation’s finances and/or worse. Fortunately for Angela she will be long gone enjoying a well compensated retirement well before this happens.
    As for the Christians in the ME they are being singled out by radical Muslims for death, torture, rape, conversion and should be qualified candidates for Asylum on an individual basis. The trick is how to determine who is Muslim and who is Christian.

  7. many of these refugees are well educated and of the middle class, not low wage unskilled labor. now they may taken low wage jobs initially just to get by until they find better jobs and assimilate into the society.

    most muslims are not radical

    the trick is how to determine who is a refugee and who is not


  8. Can you determine who is a radical Muslim and who is not? Among the thousands entering Europe are Jihadists and others that can and will be recruited. This is a proven fact.
    Now what constitutes a refugee is indeed the overriding issue. There are Afghanis, Pakistanis, and other non-Syrians entering the country illegally. The only people that should qualify first for refugee status are the Syrians. Second the only people to qualify for Asylum should primarily be Christians as they have been singled out because of their faith for slaughter by Sunnis and Shia. This humanitarian crisis must be stopped at the source not the destination.

  9. can you determine who is a radical (fill in the blank religion) and who is not?

    Here’s a genius plan – Syrians hatched this elaborate scheme to destroy their country so they have an excuse to come to Europe and ruin Europe. come on.

    Syria isn’t the only war torn nation in the middle east. Much more muslims have been singled out for their “faith” than Christians.

    “This humanitarian crisis must be stopped at the source not the destination.” tell that to the US and Russia . This is much easier said than done and what’s done is done. There is a major humanitarian crisis and that must be dealt with