Migrants, Police Clash on Greek Island of Lesvos

LesvosPolice special forces clashed with migrants who were trying to seize a ferry on the Greek island of Lesvos.

On Saturday evening, around 500 Afghan migrants reportedly seized and attempted to board the Tera Jet ferry heading to Athens.

The vessel is used by the Greek government for migrant transportation purposes.

The Afghans who attempted to board the ferry had not passed the necessary registration and identification procedures, according to Greek media.

Four people were injured in the clashes and police had to use stun grenades and tear gas to contain the crowd.

(source: sputnik)


  1. They are barely in Europe and they are already showing their criminal nature and contempt for the society that they have invited themselves to.

  2. Sharia allows a muslim to take anything from non-believers, witrhout punishment and that is what they are used to do.


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