Greek Migration Minister Announces Measures to Tackle Refugee Crisis on Lesvos

migrants-el-venizelosGreek Alternate Minister on migration policy Yiannis Mouzalas announced on Sunday new measures to tackle the humanitarian disaster developing in Lesvos with the throngs of refugees and migrants arriving daily on the island.

Speaking at a press conference shortly after vising the reception centers of Kara Tepe and Moria, as well as the port of Mytilene, Mouzalas said the situation is “manageable but is very close to getting out of hand.” He said the aim for the next few days is to “relieve the island and lessen the difficulties for locals and refugees.”

The measures, which will be effective starting Monday, are the following:

1.Two additional daily ferry routes from Lesvos to Piraeus, apart from the regular routes. The ships will be “Terra Jet” and “Pegasus, while in case of emergency the “Blue Star Patmos” will also contribute. The car ferry “Eleftherios Venizelos” will be permanently stationed in the port of Mytilene and will be used by refugees who have been identified. When 2,500 people are onboard, the ship will travel to Athens and return to the island.

2.Increase the identification process. Police and Coast Guard have already sent 60 officers while specialized equipment is expected to arrive on Monday.

3.The army will contribute by baking 1,500 loafs of bread daily, while its personnel and means will be used to create a new reception facility in the old military camp in northeastern Lesvos.

4.Creation of a new identification center north of the city, in the old Kourtzi military camp.

The mayor of Lesvos, Spyros Galinos, who was present at the press conference, warned that his position if the situation does not improve, is that the municipality will not set ballots for the elections and will not open schools following Monday.
(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Have I read this correctly?

    The Mayor of Lesvos’s response to the crisis is to deny the people of Lesvos democracy and education!

    Please somebody tell me I am wrong.

  2. The irony is most of Lesvos population voted for Marxist that have been wildly supporting mass illegal immigration into Greece. Any Greek that makes any attempt to limit the numbers of illegal migrants is immediately slandered as “racist” and “xenophobic” by extreme leftists.

    Watching the behavior of our leftist fifth column these last few years I can understand perfectly now why “Greek” leftists were shot for treason to save our country from extinction during the civil war.

    With over half of Greece’s population now incompetently voting for sundry communist parties the future of Greece looks very grim. The only thing that keeps me from arguing to take them out by force again is this time the extreme left at least managed to respect the electoral process. They’ve limited themselves to self-righteous whining over cuts, terrorist
    attacks, mass strikes, and violent riots… rather than their typical behavior of
    banning anyone that isn’t a communist from politics.

  3. When will people wake up to how unbelievably dangerous the left is to Greece.
    The last eight months should have rammed the point home but still a huge proportion of voters support this lunacy.
    For the country that invented democracy it’s people vote for those who wish to destroy it.


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