Greek Migration Minister: ‘Jihadists Passed Through Greek Borders’

mouzalasGreece’s current Migration Minister; Dimitris Mouzalas admitted that jihadists were able to pass through the Greek border along with the thousands of refugees arriving in the country daily. The migrants and refugees are arriving on the Greek islands close to the Turkish coast in an attempt to travel to northern Europe and escape their conflict-hit countries.

“It would be foolish to say that no jihadists have entered the Greek border,” said Mouzalas in response to a question about the migrants and refugees entering Greek territory through the Aegean border.

“I think that the European countries’ secret services can confirm that a small number is likely to have gained access to Europe,” he added. However, he stressed that ISIS members around the world do not need to gain access to Europe. “They appear to have many European supporters, they are actually trying to achieve the opposite.”

According to Mouzalas, 60% of refugees and migrants that have crossed the Greek border are Syrian nationals coming from the middle class. They leave their countries in fear of the jihadist regime. Another 20% are Afghan nationals, half of whom are refugees, while the other half are migrants and 15% – 20% of them are entering the country illegally, without any official documents.



  1. Its completely ridiculous that Germany, England, Fance, Spain, and even Austria, are allowing this ILLEGAL and absurdely UNDOCUMENTED forced INVASION by Syrians and Afghans and Iraqis and Iranians and Libyans without a thorough verification of WHO they are and WHAT their HEALTH is like ? We just witnessed a state of emergency in western Africa with ebola end and yet nobody is asking what are the vaccinations and other preventative measures that these people need BEFORE they are sent to Germany. Why do I get the feeling that there will be a new wave of terrorism in Europe in the coming months and years, not to mention a huge increase in crime when these 350,000 people realize that they CAN’T ALL have a 4 1/2 room apartment and a well paying job.

  2. How are they supposed to verify documents when they got “lost” at sea but funny that their thousands of euro’s in cash don’t.

    I think that ALL refugees should be resettled in Vatican City & they deserve a plush velvet room right near the loving Pope

  3. I recall TPW challenged my use of the word Jihadists.
    It’s odd why he isn’t commenting here.

  4. Those migrants are an opportunity for Greeks to understand what are REAL misery and humanitarians crises. Moreover, those migrants and their children will pay with their hard work the pensions of the aging European population and the wages of public workers. So for Greece, they are a fantastic asset, as Greeks do not have kids and do not went to fire public workers.

  5. These are mixed flows of predominantly refugees — most from Syria, some from Afghanistant, and a small proportion of economic migrants from Pakistan etc. None of them is from countries with Ebola: this is just scare-mongering on your part. The Syrians do not need health checks, as they are probably in better health than Greeks. Of course, it would be a good idea to have medical services available for them throughout the Balkan route, and they are not.

  6. You categorised all the refugees coming through Greece as “potential Jihadists”. That’s what I objected to. I likened it to calling all men “potential rapists” just because a tiny minority are.

  7. Sorry but once again you are wrong. If you read my comment CAREFULLY I stated “this potential Jihadist”. You can read it again in Greek Reporter “Greek Vacationers Rescue Syrian Migrant Stranded At Sea”

  8. You often refer to refugees and migrants as “invaders” “Jihadists” and the like but let’s take this particular case…. why did you pick out this particular man as being a “potential jihadist” ? Was it just random?

    If I had called a random man in a photo, a “potential rapist”, you would have immediately jumped down my throat (unless he was a refugee, of course) You see what I mean?

  9. Aha. Well, I can call you a potential murderer. How does that sound? Or you can call me a potential dictator. Your argument is just nonsense: people cannot be accused of crimes or acts that they have not committed. This is a basic principle of law and democracy.

  10. “Turkey is facilitating or at least is not hampering the movement of illegal immigrants toward Greece, thinking that in this way it will limit the risk of a possible new terrorist attack on its territory as a reprisal for the military operations it has carried out on Syrian soil,” the official said.

    IN OTHER WORDS Turkish authorities are sending these alleged Syrian refugees to Greece because they are afraid that Islamic Jihadists are amongst them and that these Jihadists might launch attacks inside Turkey!

    Another diplomat said Turkey wants to create a “dead zone” on its border with Syria that would allow the Turkish military to freely move against jihadists and Syrian Kurds. “This is why it is encouraging, or at least not obstructing, the movement of refugees from camps near the Syrian border to the Aegean and Greece,” he said.

    GOOGLE the Kathimerini article titled: “Refugee flow linked to Turkish policy shift”

  11. TODAY, November 13, 2015, MUSLIM TERRORISTS MASSACRE MORE THAN 120 PEOPLE IN PARIS. A further 200 wounded, of which 80 have serious injuries!

    An average of 5,000 overwhelmingly Muslim largely UNDOCUMENTED foreigners are entering Greece EVERY SINGLE DAY, it is undeniable that Islamic Jihadists and Jihadi sympathisers are entering into Greece with them, laying the groundwork for horrific terrorism as occurred today in Paris. ISIS itself publicly stated that it is sending its operatives to Europe amongst these self declared refugees!

    The ONLY WAY to ensure internal peace and stability in Greece and Europe as a whole, AND TO PREVENT FUTURE ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACKS ON EUROPEAN SOIL, is to ban Muslims from immigrating to Europe, and to deport ALL Muslims out of Europe back to their nations of ethnic origin, including Muslims born in Europe to immigrant parents as many Islamic terrorists are actually born in Europe as children of Arab, African, Pakistani, Turkish etc immigrants.