Greek Orthodox Church Will Not Face Tax Hikes

greek-orthodoxInterim Economy Minister in Greece’s caretaker government; Nikos Christodoulakis spoke with Ieronymos II; the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, on Tuesday, assuring him that he had never planned or even considered imposing additional taxes on the Church.

Christodoulakis said there was no basis to impose additional taxes. This is seemingly in response to Christodoulakis recent public comments about alleged tax privileges the Greek Orthodox Church was receiving. The Greek Holy Synod, the Orthodox Church’s supreme committee, was quick to react, issuing an official response to Christodoulakis’s comments.

“First of all, the reproduction of the urban myth that ‘the orthodox Church is not being taxed or has tax privileges’ from the country’s finance minister himself, is questionable,” the Church’s announcement reads.

During Tuesday’s conversation between the two leaders, the minister also spoke of the importance of the social and humanitarian work done by the Church, both for the Greek state and in his personal life, especially in times of crises.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Greece second strongest mafia after the state, I mean the orthodox church, has won another battle to escape taxes and its responsibilities as a national entity. One of the most important action to save Greece is to separate church and state so to stop paying for priests, monks and religion teachers. Greece has the same relation with its church as Iran has with its religion…. Another shame when you want to be part of the European family.

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    Whether you like it or not, 97% of Greek citizens are baptised members of the Greek Orthodox Church who go on to baptise their own children into Orthodox Christianity!
    The Greek Orthodox Church kept Greek identity and the Greek language alive through 5 centuries of Islamic Ottoman Turkish occupation. If it were not for the Greek Orthodox Church, Greeks would have been assimilated and absorbed into Islam by the Turkish occupiers and there would be no Greece today.

    According to people like you, being part of the EU requires cutting state ties to the Orthodox Church. Greeks who call themselves Christian must ask themselves: “Do they want to be part of an EU that is upset by the traditional state-church links of Greece? Do they want to be part of an EU that publishes diaries that include religious holidays of every religion except Christianity?”

    What is the EU anyway? Nothing but an oligarchic bankers cartel managed by a small clique of Marxists, Freemasons and Belgian paedophiles in Brussels like Daniel Cohn Bendit, all overseen and answerable to their Zionist overlords headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv. Google: “Defender of paedophiles Daniel Cohn-Bendit, has called for the outlawing of Golden Dawn.”

  3. “Greece has the same relation with its church as Iran has with its religion…. Another shame when you want to be part of the European family.”

    So just because we are not like western Europe, we instantly become Iran? That’s quite the jump don’t you think?

    And I would rather not follow the decadent examples of western Europe in general. Tell me, what do you think is going to happen to societies that encourage “free love,” drug use, and unlimited immigration? If you want your answer look to countries like Sweden and England within a few decades. Already, within them, places like Birmingham are becoming tumors of radical Islamic faith while Stockholm is one of the rape capitals of the world.