Grexit: Popular Unity Leader Supports Greek Return to Drachma

lafazanis konstantopoulouWith the September 20 Greek elections fast approaching, Popular Unity leader Panagiotis Lafazanis gave a press conference at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) on Tuesday to discuss his exit from SYRIZA and his party’s support for a national currency.

Lafazanis noted that his party will be the election’s surprise. Popular Unity emerged just a few weeks ago with the initiative of Lafazanis, after he and other SYRIZA members of parliament (MPs) openly voiced their disagreement with former Greek Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras’ agreement to a third Greek bailout. Dissent within SYRIZA led to Tsipras’ resignation and the upcoming snap elections.

Lafazanis argued that the Greek government was not brought down by himself and the other dissident MPs.

He claimed that an exit from the Euro and the adoption of a national currency is the only viable choice for Greece, while alluding to the cases of Denmark and the Czech Republic, as healthy economies with their own national currencies.

“The choice of a national currency is necessary so that we can move forward in a new path,” he said and added “Change will not happen from one day to the next.”

The Popular Unity leader was joined by former SYRIZA MP and former President of the Greek Parliament Zoi Konstantopoulou, who will run as a MP candidate with Popular Unity. Konstantopoulou argued that the true dilemma for Greece is the choice between the Euro and democracy.

Lafazanis who was also Greece’s Productive Reconstruction, Environment, and Energy Minister from January until July, felt that he and the other ministers that were replaced in the July cabinet reshuffle were essentially kicked out of government.

“We publicly criticised the handling of the negotiations, through our agencies, we always submitted alternatives proposals and these were being published in the press. We were criticized for our differentiation, for undermining the government,” he said. “We gave a battle until the end to avoid something we had no illusions about.”


  1. Easy to talk when you are sure you’ll never have to be in charge. Politicians in Greece will say anything to keep their Parliament seat. It’s the best paying job in the country and you get to spend your afternoons drinking ouzo and schmoozing about protecting “the people”.

  2. Thankfully somebody gets it. No lies, no flowery speeches, no pretty boys and no showmanship just a well needed dose of reality.

  3. You suggest we should for vote for Marxist Popular Unity after they just supported Tsipiras last election? How many times do leftists have to make the same mistake before they understand that populist speeches and actions are two dramatically different things?
    Communists destroy economies not fix them.

  4. Well if you believe Meimarakis’ rhetoric and ND’s past performance who am I to tell you there is no Santa Claus.Popular Unity realizes the inevitable Grexit and the return of the .Drachma which is far more than I can say about most of the others ND included.

  5. glad you told him Mr. Poly. Seems every time I write something to the classic elitist it does not pass moderation.

  6. I actually don’t like Meimarakis. I was undecided on him until the moment he said he would like to form coalition with communists.

    That said, even with an unprincipled fool, running ND it is preferable to communists. The return to the drachma is possible but voting for Marxists is plain idiotic.

  7. Sad to say no Easter Bunny either.
    The days of getting something for nothing are over unless the person is a Muslim Migrants in which case they do not believe in Santa Claus nor the Easter Bunny but still get free transportation, meals, clothing and medical care.

  8. drachma one of 3 pillars needed for Greece to recover. the other 2 being the elimination of nepotism/corruption and an economy based on capitalism, not fascism (the current primary culprit) or communism