2015 Aegina Fistiki Festival Kicks Off September 24th

Photo Courtesy of Saronic Magazine

The 7th annual Aegina Pistachio Festival, the greatest event in the Saronic Gulf will take place from September 24 to 27. Pistachio, the island’s most well-known product will be a major focus, while the festival will also highlight the island’s history and cultural heritage, through various events.

The organizing committee chaired by Giorgos Kalofonos, has planned several surprises for locals and visitors.

Three famous Greek artists who live on the island; Kostas Varotsos, Danai Stratou, and Venia Dimitrakopoulou will showcase the historic importance of the Ioannis Kapodistrias building named in honor of the Greek politician and diplomat who formed the first modern Greek capitol in Aegina.

The Aegina Pistachio Festival had originally been scheduled for September 17 to 20 and despite adversities that arose due to the snap elections, the event was not canceled, only postponed one week.

Numerous children’s activities will take place during the four-day festival, so residents and visitors can enjoy a day with the family by visiting music performances, archaeological sites, and historic exhibits scheduled to be open around the city.