Greek PM Thanou: ‘We Continue to Implement Measures on Migration’

Vassiliki-Thanou“Our government has continued the implementation of the measures on migration, which had been initiated by previous governments,” Greek caretaker Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou said in an interview with ANA-MPA on Wednesday.

“Despite the efforts to improve these measures, we are trying to decide and implement some additional measures in order to contribute towards the solution of this urgent problem,” Thanou said.

She also underlined that the government continues to be in close cooperation with the UNHCR, European Commission, and the EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos and the Greek government has had a great response to all requests submitted for assistance to solve this problem.

The caretaker prime minister stressed that “the main responsibility of the caretaker government is to conduct the election in a flawless and fair way.” She reiterated that “the caretaker government, to the extent of its competence, will honour the country’s existing European commitments.”

Asked about the upcoming elections Thanou underlined: “It is not appropriate for the members of the caretaker government and much more for the Prime Minister to say something that might be misinterpreted or seen as a political response. So I believe that the Greek people will choose the party that they believe will solve all problems in the best possible way,” the caretaker prime minister added.

(Source: ANA-MPA)