Greece’s Supreme Court to Decide on Northern Greece Mine Dispute in October

skouriesThe Greek Council of the State will decide whether or not it will strike down former Greek Environment Minister Panos Skourletis‘s decision to halt the development of mines in Chalkidki, Northern Greece on October 2nd.

Skourletis ordered the stoppage in August, even though the Council of the State had already ruled that Hellas Gold; the mining company that has undertaken the development of mines in Northern Greece, can proceed with the operation.

Since the former minister’s decision, Hellas Gold along with four unions asked the Council of the State to overturn the decision. On Thursday, nine unions submitted an official request in favor of the court ratifying the stoppage decision.

Skourletis’s decision also caused reactions from the mine workers employed by Hellas Gold. 30 mine workers have occupied the Olympiada mine, whose work has been halted by the Greek government, since August 24.

On Wednesday the occupants called for medical help and eventually 24 miners left the occupation due to health problems. According to Greek media reports some were transported from the scene in ambulances.




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