ASE President: There is Still Opportunity in Greek Stock Market

    athens_stock_exchange“There are always investment opportunities even in difficult times,” the president of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) Socrates Lazaridis said in a statement to Bloomberg within the framework of the investment roadshow held in London.

    The President of ASE noted that there are no concerns about the risk of Greece’s exit from the euro, stressing that international investors are not worried about such a possibility. Lazaridis noted that the most important problem the Greek stock market is facing is the limitations that exist for Greek investors due to capital controls, adding, however, that the problem will be resolved soon.

    (Source: ANA-MPA)


    1. Stock market and Greek economy isn’t going anywhere but down for as long as extreme leftists dominate the Greek political landscape. Very few, including other Greeks, would want to invest in a small economy run by communists that sound like cold war rejects.

    2. The market wasn’t very exciting under ND. The problem lies in a very simple issue whether Greece’s economy can thrive or even exist under perpetual austerity. ND supported and still supports punitive austerity measures that destroys the domestic industrial output and now is focusing on the last form of export crop production. Until ND’s clown understand the obvious outcome of 40 years of rule they will be viewed as the cause of the crisis NOT the cure. Vision, policies, ideas and implementation are grossly lacking from the Party of Karamanlis.