Chinese Man Sets Up Illegal Wedding Business in Santorini

    santorini weddingA Chinese national set up an illegal “wedding business” in Fira on Santorini island, Greece. The man who had a French passport had rented two hotel rooms and had turned them into a studio for wedding preparation. In the rooms police found 38 wedding gowns and 60 different kinds of make-up.

    The investigation revealed that the Chinese man had a website and offered services to couples that wanted to get married on Santorini.

    Two more Chinese nationals without residence permission were working in the same business.

    The Tax Bureau found that the illegal business owner has conducted 14 weddings in the last three years without receipts and did not pay taxes to the Greek State.
    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. The socialists don’t care. Only if it were a successful Greek businessman would they care.

    2. The report omits if this is an official wedding or just dress up and pretend wedding? There is nothing against the law to dress in a wedding gown and have an unofficial exchange of vows. But it is illegal not to have a registered business license and most importantly………pay taxes.

    3. Does the church pays tax on wedding??? No of course the main mafia never pays any tax and it get money from the other mafia called state.
      3 years to get this illegal (if the Chinese man is proven guilty of course) business out of order??? Long time….


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