FYROM Considering Building Fence at the Border with Greece

migrants-FYROMFYROM could soon be erecting a fence at its southern border with Greece to curb rising immigration to the country.

FYROM Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki told Hungarian weekly Figyelo that his country is considering the “physical defence” option for the border, which could include a fence, soldiers or both.

The country has become a stepping stone for thousands of migrants and refugees seeking to reach Hungary, a Schengen Area signee. Reuters cited a United Nations refugee official who claimed that between 6 pm Wednesday and 6 pm on Thursday 7,600 migrants and refugees entered FYROM from Greece.

Hungary will soon complete the construction of a 175 kilometre long and 3.5 metre high fence on its border with Serbia.





  1. We should help as many illegals as possible get into Skopje and any other country that evades over their obvious irredentism. Destroy their identities and countries through illegal immigration.

  2. If they build a fence, Greece will end up with all the refugees who cannot leave. It is vital that Greece engage in negotiations to stop this from happening. It’s not my place to suggest it — as a non-Greek hellenophile — but it might be worth compromising over the name Makedonia for the country in order to stop the fence…

  3. 1939 all over again, do we never learn, fences wont help, this onslaught on refugees is all part of the agenda, watch, wait there will be more

  4. The authorities in Skopje know that many Islamic Jihadists are likely to be hiding amongst these alleged refugees. On the other hand, the treasonous and criminally negligent Greek authorities refuse to deploy the Greek military to secure Greek borders, exposing Greek citizens to the merciless savagery of Islamic terrorists affiliated with ISIS and al-qaeda.

    Europol Director Rob Wainwright warned that 5,000 Islamist fanatics are at large in Europe, after returning from the Syrian front. – See more at: https://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/01/14/europol-alert-about-jihadists-in-greece/

    “Turkey is facilitating or at least is not hampering the movement of illegal immigrants toward Greece, thinking that in this way it will limit the risk of a possible new terrorist attack on its territory as a reprisal for the military operations it has carried out on Syrian soil,” the official said.
    GOOGLE the Kathimerini article titled: “Refugee flow linked to Turkish policy shift”

    IN OTHER WORDS Turkish authorities are sending these alleged Syrian refugees to Greece because they are afraid that Islamic Jihadists are amongst them and that these Jihadists might launch attacks inside Turkey!

  5. After being barrel bombed and repeatedly shot at, a fence is a minor obstacle. If you wish to gauge it’s effectiveness look at the US-Mexican border crisis where the fence has been all but rendered ineffective. Now if you propose landmines, armed watchtowers and fences as was along the border of iron curtain countries of the past then you have something of a migratory deterrent and consequently create another crisis. The problem MUST be stopped at the source NOT at the destination.

  6. Turkey is not sending anyone to Greece. This is just far right nonsense that you are making up. Turkey is hosting millions of Syrian and iraqi refugees, and is not too unhappy if they leave via Greece. The ones that are identified in Turkey as terrorists are arrested, as you well know. The secret police in Turkey are very powerful and monitor everything closely — unlike the Greeks.

  7. So you trust the Turks. You believe everything they say they do and will do. You do not believe Turkish Officials are accomplices of Turkish Crime Syndicates. Either you are a Turk or prime candidate for a senior position at either the UN or EU specifically Division of Gullible and Naivete.

  8. There is a push-pull mechanism at work.
    The problem at the destination is the tsunami dynamics.
    The push is certainly man-made – possibly for political reasons. Erdogan’s displeasure with the Kurds comes to mind and Soviet base building in Syria.
    Part of the pull is the feedback from Syrian refugees arriving in Germany homewards and the realistic fear that Germany will close the borders after being overwhelmed with numbers. Which will happen. No more trains between Munich and Austria, border controls reimposed.

    One ameliorating measure that is being discussed is to send people from “secure” countries in the Balkan back home without “due process” which can take a year. This would include deporting school children from their classroom, Kosovoran engineers who are fluent in German from their working place.

    The climate can be gauged from the fact that
    last week we had an information event for would-be foster parents of Syrian orphans.
    People were crowding outside the door and only left when they were promised a repeat of the event in the coming week.

    The “Bund der Vertriebenen” ( Association of deported Germans ) notorious for right wing revisionist views has endorsed Merkel’s welcoming politics.
    Germany can cope with several millions of refugees – but not within a year.

    This is a defining period for Europe and German economic dominance.

    My sleepless nights are caused by the conflicts that the refugees bring with them., e.g. Kurds against Erdogan-voting Turks.

    The ancestors of Turks in Germany were recruited based on intact teeth and healthy lungs (no Tb) from rural Anatolia. No wonder that they are still far less educated on average than Germans. Although Turks are the largest national group, expats in Germany are better educated than Germans.

  9. Between January to 31 August 2015, 281,156 illegal 3rd World immigrants entered Greece.

    Between 1 September to 8 September 39,200 illegal 3rd World immigrants entered Greece, which equates to 4,900 per September day!

    The Turkish mafia loading almost 5,000 Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis etc onto flimsy rafts in key Turkish ports and sending them to Greece EACH DAY, and this nincompoop “Guest no 1” is trying to tell us that the Turkish authorities aren’t faciliating this? When a Turkish coast guard is looking at the Turkish mafia loading Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans etc onto rafts in preparation to send them to Greece in a trip where they might drown, and refuses to arrest these smugglers as international law requires, is that not aiding and abetting people smuggling?

  10. The main problem of Macedonia is its neighbor called Greece who always invent new problem to make Macedonians life difficult. In any case most refugees will reach western Europe through other routes (Albania, Bulgaria) and of course many will stay and settle in Greece, who needs them as their population its aging very quickly


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