Greece’s Unemployment Rate Rises in August

jobsThe negative performance of the Greek job market continued this past month, as there were 441 more job losses than job openings in Greece during the month of August, according to ERGANI, an online private sector job registry that is a part of the Greek Labor Ministry.

August in Greece is typically a positive period for the job market because it is a peak of the tourist season in the country. For instance, in August 2014 there were 1,311 more job openings than job losses, voluntary departures, or retirements. The previous year, August hires exceeded lay-offs by 10,969 positions.

This year, there were 120.631 new jobs created, while 121.072 people left their jobs during the month of August. 55, 715 of these were reported as layoffs, while 65,537 were registered as voluntary departures.

August’s negative numbers follow a dismal month in July, when layoffs surpassed hirings by 16,658. Capital controls were imposed in the country on June 28th.

Despite the Greek job market’s performance these past two months, there have been 186,024 more jobs created than jobs lost during the period of January to August 2015. However, at the same time that number has proven short of last year’s job market figures, as the 2014 January to August period generated 190,024 more new job openings than job losses.







  1. What a surprise. Who would have guessed it with crazed Marxists running Greece that no one would want to invest.


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