New Opinion Poll Shows Greek Elections Could Be Too Close to Call

University of Macedonia Opinion Poll, Source:

An opinion poll conducted by the University of Macedonia for SKAI TV network between September 9 and September 11 added to the uncertainty of the September 20 Greek election results.

SYRIZA leads the poll, having garnered 28.5% of the intended vote, while New Democracy came in a very close second with 27.5% of the respondents support.

Among the poll’s findings was that more than 20% of the respondents do not plan to lend their support to any political party. Specifically, 8% were undecided, 11.5% claimed they will not vote and 3.5% intend to cast a blank vote.

The Independent Greeks (ANEL), who were in the Greek coalition government just three weeks ago, received 2% of the vote, which falls short of the minimum 3% that a party must have to sit in the Greek parliament. ANEL’s failure to be in the next parliament is a recurring phenomena in various opinion polls that have been conducted since the resignation of the previous Greek government.

The Popular Unity party, which sprung out of a dissident movement in SYRIZA, barely makes it to the next Greek parliament, according to this poll, having secured 3% of the intended vote. On the other hand the Union of Centrists, a 23 year-old party that has never been in the Greek parliament, received 4.5% of the vote.

Between these two ends are the four parties that were in the previous parliament. Golden Dawn received 7% of the respondent’s vote, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) got 6%, PASOK garnered 5.5%, and lastly, To Potami got 5% of the vote.

There is no strong lead for any party at this point as the two leading parties only have a 1% differential between them.




  1. Yeah we’ve heard all this at the referendum. Panic the ill informed to make rash voting decisions based on emotion instead of thought.