Greek Election Polls: SYRIZA Slightly Leading

pollsSYRIZA and New Democracy are going head to head in the upcoming Greel election according to five recent polls published on Greek Sunday newspapers. The difference of the two partied is less than one percent in all the polls.

A poll conducted by MRB for the Greek newspaper Realnews showed the parties’ difference at 0.4%. According to the results SYRIZA gathers 25.9% of the votes, New Democraccy 25.5%, followed by Golden Dawn with 6.1%, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 5.7%, PASOK-Democratic Left with 5.3%, To Potami with 4.9%, Union of Centrists with 3.9% and Popular Unity with 3.2%. The Independent Greeks appear to be left out of the Parliament with only 2.6% of the votes, according to the same poll. A big percentage f=of the voters, 14.1%, still remain undecided.

Kapa Research’ survey for Greek newspaper To Vima showed that 26.7% of Greek voters intend to support SYRIZA, 26.2% will vote for New Democracy, 7% for Golden Dawn, 6.1% for PASOK-Democratic Left, 5.9% for the Communist Party (KKE), 5% for To Potami, 4.2% for Popular Unity, 3.6% for Union of Centrists and 3.1% will vote for the Independent Greeks. The undecided voters stand at 10.2%.

Alco’s poll for Proto Thema shows SYRIZA is in the lead with a 0.7 difference from New Democracy. In regards to voting intentions, SYRIZA gathered 25.4% of votes, New Democracy 24.7%, Golden Dawn 6.4%, the Communist Party (KKE) 6.2%, PASOK-Democratic Left 5.1%, to Potami 4%, the Union of Centrist 3.9%, Popular Unity 3.4% and ANEL remained outside the Greek parliament with 2.6% of the votes. The undecided voters amounted to 10.4%.

Public Issue’s poll for Avgi shows a complete head to head battle between SYRIZA and New Democracy who both attracted 31% of the votes. The two parties were followed by PASOK-Democratic Left with 8%, Golden Dawn with 7%, the Communist Party (KKE) with 6.5%, To Potami with 4.5%, the Popular Unity with 4%, the Union of Centrists with 3% and the Independent Greeks with 2%.

Finally, RASS conducted a survey for the Greek newspaper ‘Paron tis Kyriakis’ which showed a 0.3 point difference between SYRIZA and New Democracy. In detail, the poll found that SYRIZA gets 27.4% of the votes, ND 27.1%, Golden Dawn 6.4%, the Communist Party 5.5%, PASOK-Democratic Left 4.8%, To Potami 3.8%, the Union of Centrists 3.3%, the Popular Unity 3% and the Independent Greeks 2.3%. The number of undecided voters stands at 13.1%.


  1. You’d think after our massive debt problems from government spending the majority of Greeks would learn from our mistakes. Nope. Not only are we still overwhelming voting for parties that support increased spending but now even voting the extreme of fascists and communists.

  2. I don’t like Meimarakis (don’t agree with forming a coalition with communists) but who do you propose as an alternative to ND? Communists? Or fascists? Oh please enlighten us.

  3. Since you mention Communists, in 1989 the Stalin worshipping Communist party KKE, served as the junior coalition partner in a New Democracy-KKE coalition government.

    Today, New Democracy leader Vangelis Meimarakis openly pursues the formation of a New Democracy-SYRIZA coalition government.

    No different to your beloved Antonis Samaras who in June proposed the formation of a New Democracy-SYRIZA coalition government.

    New Democracy gave the go ahead for the construction of a mosque in Athens, which will service mostly illegal Muslim immigrants, in yet another achievement of theirs that delighted Marxist internationalist SYRIZA.

    In a 2013 speech Antonis Samaras announced his plans to grant illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections!!! To WATCH Samaras making this announcement search You Tube for: “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

    GIVEN THE ABOVE, please enlighten me what is the difference between New Democracy, SYRIZA & KKE?

  4. Greece definitely has a problem with extreme left slant. Believe me when I say ND isn’t my ideal party but it is the furthest right of existing Greek parties. (Golden Dawn being National SOCIALISTS).