Greek PM Chairs Meeting on Refugee Crisis in Mytilene

thanouParticipating in a major meeting held in Mytilene to discuss the migrant and refugee crisis, Greek caretaker Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou on Sunday stressed that Greece strictly abides by all European and international treaties, without overlooking humanitarian values and solidarity. She said that “isolated voices” only criticize Greece for its handling of the refugee issue.

“To all those, who from the safety of neighboring with partners in the heart of Europe, express easy criticism of our country, we urge them to consider the size of the responsibility of guarding European borders along 16,000 miles of coast line,” she said.
The prime minister then chaired a meeting attended by a representative of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the General Secretariat for Island Policy, the North Aegean Region authority, the Mytilene municipality, police force, coast guard, fire brigade, army, the emergency services and the local hospital.

“Greece is handling an extremely serious international and European problem: the migrant and refugee issue that was recently significantly enlarged and coincided with the term of the caretaker government,” Thanou noted in her opening remarks. She stressed that Greece was strictly implementing all treaties without overlooking the need to show solidarity and to respect the dignity of those fleeing violence and human rights violations at home.

Calling the criticism against Greece “unacceptable,” she urged the critics to consider whether the “Europe of values can be build, once again, by erecting walls.”

Outlining the main thrust of her government’s efforts, Thanou said that a crucial role was played by the coordinating body set up by the caretaker government, with staff from all the ministries and agencies involved in handling migration and refugee issues. She also announced that procedures for setting up a managing authority, were near completion and that the country would be in a position to receive the first installment of 33 million euros in cash assistance from the European Commission by September 15.

The prime minister said that a new temporary hospitality center for refugees will soon open in Attica to decongest the city center, as well as a similar center in the Thessaloniki area to ease the pressure of migrant flows to Idomeni in Northern Greece.

She added that her visit had confirmed reports that the situation on Lesvos was much improved, following the departure of roughly 20,000 refugees and migrants in recent days.

FINALLY, she promised that “her efforts will continue at the same intense pace.”

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Between January to 31 August 2015, 281,156 illegal 3rd World immigrants entered Greece.

    Between 1 September to 8 September 39,200 illegal 3rd World immigrants entered Greece, which equates to 4,900 per day, compared to an average of 3,320 per day in August and 1,771 per day in July.

    This ladies and gentlemen is an invasion and only Golden Dawn demanding that the Greek navy be deployed to stop the day and night flow of illegal immigrants into Greece by firing warning shots in front of boats as they try to enter Greek waters and pushing back those boats that make it through. XA also proposes that any foreigner who is not carrying identifying documentation be deemed a potential security threat, and be interred in a camp with the barest of essentials (unlike SYRIZA & previously ND who provided them with air conditioning & food catering) guarded by the army for processing and deportation. How can foreigners who arrive carrying smartphones and tablets, forget or lose their documents?

    No more games. Greece, & the EU as a whole, must for security reasons know who someone is when they enter into their territory, especially given Europols own admission that Jihadists are crossing into Europe disguised as refugees, & ISIS own claims of sending operatives to Europe taking advantage of European genorisity towards people fleeing war torn Syria.

    In EU member Hungary, Hungarian soldiers will be allowed to use rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, crowd-dissolving weapons and even arms that can harm the human body, deputy leader of the Fidesz party, Gergely Gulyas, announced. At the very least the same measures should be used to deal with foreigners trying to force their way into Greece!

  2. The Turkish government facilitates the arrival of illegal 3rd world immigrants to Greece, in line with the “Ozal doctrine”, initiated by former Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Özal who stated that:

    “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few millions illegal immigrants from Turkey and finish with them.”

  3. In an emotional interview a young Greek mother on Lesvos tearfully informs Polish journalists how she, and other Greeks are living in absolute terror of illegal 3rd world immigrants who as she says are entering peoples homes, and behaving lawlessly. Search You Tube for: “Imigranci napadają mieszkańców na wyspie Lesbos”

  4. Typical politician being controlled from outside of her own country and worried more about refugees rights than the rights of the Greek people.

  5. When Samaras was in power our far leftist fanatics were ranting “fascism” and “racism” when he simply tried to deport illegal economic migrants for cheap political points at the expense of our country

    How fitting it is then that our fifth column leftists are now getting a dose of their own self-righteous medicine.

  6. Why don’t they just go to those rich gulf Muslim countries instead? Beware!!! They are trying to turn Europe into Islamic countries!


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