Mayors of Cities Hosting Refugees to EU: “Help Us to Help Them”


Four European mayors, Anne Hidalgo from Paris, Ada Colau from Barcelona, Giusi Nicolini from Lampedusa and Spyros Galinos from Mytilene, urged European leaders on Sunday not to turn their backs on refugees, stating that their cities are ready to accommodate them.

“European cities are ready to become places of refuge. States grant the status of asylum but it is cities that provide shelter,” the elected local officials wrote in a joint column that was published in Spanish daily El Pais, titled “We, the cities of Europe.”

The text is also signed by the counterparts of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, and other four Spanish cities. The document is open for other signatures, while it was published on the evening of a an extraordinary meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels concerning the biggest refugee crisis plaguing Europe since World War II.

“Our municipal services are already working on plans to ensure food, shelter and dignity to all who flee war and hunger. All that is needed is the help of the states,” they wrote.

“We ask that they (the leaders) do not turn their backs on cities, that they listen to the cry that is coming from them, we need the support and cooperation of the states,” the European mayors added.


  1. When XA MPs Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros, & Nikos Mihos visited Kos a couple of weeks ago, the desperate residents approached them yelling, “Save Us.” 
    XA MP Ilias Kasidiaris told the residents of Kos that they have a choice. On September 20 they can vote SYRIZA and watch their island transform into Pakistan, or they can vote for Χρυσή Αυγή and see their island become Greek again!

    Search You Tube for: “Residents of Kos to Golden Dawn “Save us”!”

    The mainstream media is terrified that XA will receive alot of support from residents of besieged Aegean islands (previously Leftist strongholds) stating that only XA MPs and XA representatives are touring these islands and speaking to residents, and that representatives of other parties, e.g. ND, SYRIZA are nowhere to be seen. See for instance the article titled: “Αθόρυβη εκστρατεία της Χρυσής Αυγής στα νησιά.”

  2. Indeed it would be remarkable to see these islands that traditionally votes Left and Far Left swing like a pendulum to the Far Right. But under the prevailing circumstances of mass invasion there’s no telling the level of panic and desperation of ……….the media.

  3. you realize most of these refugees are now off those Greek islands, right

    so much for your lying hyperbolic claims

  4. Between Monday to Friday, 1st September to 7 September, 13,000 illegal 3rd World immigrants and alleged refugees were transferred off Lesvos to mainland Greece.
    Between 1 September to 8 September, according to Greek police, some 39,200 illegal immigrants entered Greece, mostly via Lesvos, so the illegal immigrants that were ferried to the mainland, were simultaneously replaced IN MUCH GREATER NUMBERS by NEW illegal immigrants!
    Lesbos, is now the entry point of more than half of Europe’s total intake of refugees. Google: “Refugee crisis: David Miliband criticises Europe’s response during Lesbos visit.”
    So much for my claims being hyperbole, eh “ivas4,” but like a typical run of the mill leftist you spread misinformation, pretending that the flooding of Greece with illegal immigrants is exaggerated, and that the situation is improving. The figures I’ve given above prove that you have lied. 
    Search You Tube for: “Imigranci napadają mieszkańców na wyspie Lesbos” in this video a young Greek mother on Lesvos tearfully informs Polish journalists how she, and other Greeks are living in absolute terror of illegal 3rd world immigrants who as she says are entering peoples homes, and behaving lawlessly. So I ask you ivas4, do you claim that this young woman is engaging in hyperbole?
    A Greek local on Lesvos describes to Polish journalists how illegal immigrants don’t respect private property, as illegal immigrants try to enter his property during the interview. Search on You Tube: “Imigranci napadają mieszkańców na wyspie Lesbos 2”

    Greek citizens are suffering and you deny reality, much like your fellow Marxist Tasia Christodoulopoulou who claimed that illegal immigrants in Athens are sunbathing.

  5. this is hyperbole: besieged Aegean islands

    this is a lie: mostly via Lesvos. Lesvos is not the only island taking these refugees in.

    and again ALL OF THEM do leave lesvos and most eventually Greece

    funny you link me to an article where the Miliband says ” urgent that relief was stepped up”

    sorry Khazarfrauds, just because I don’t try to score political points off of a humanitarian crisis, just because I am not a racist nazi, and just because i don’t advocate for shooting people out of the water, doesn’t make me a leftist

    your anecdotal evidence means nothing. and yes while some Greeks may be in terror, the vast majority of the people on these islands are not and are actually providing aid. you know the CHRISTIAN thing to do .

    Oh but go on and try to score some more political points by monopolizing Christianity and claiming that you are an upstanding Christian citizen as your solution to this crisis is to murder people and as your praise an empire that killed hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

    Greek citizens are suffering and you deny reality by saying the economic crisis, the reason they are suffering and the reason Greece is having a hard time coping with the refugee problem, is a distant second to the made up issue of maintaining our biology, as you sit there 10k miles away from Greece with blood that is not just Greek (and nothing wrong with that just pointing out your hypocrisy)

    War Refugees are suffering and you deny the reality that many of them are escaping ISIS and a brutal 4 year civil war, among all the other problems in the middle east

  6. Well the September 2015 National elections are over and suddenly conditions on Lesvos start to worsen. Is anybody surprised?

    1,200 illegal economic immigrants arrive in Lesvos Within One Hour – See more at:

  7. How can a person who is coming to Greece from Turkey, which is not a warzone, be a refugee? Explain how that works to me?

    I mean, these Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis etc who are crossing over into Greece from Turkey at an average of 4,000 to 5,000 per day, in flotilla’s of flimsy boats and rafts, are not fleeing persecution in Turkey, nor are they fleeing war in Turkey. The Turkish authorities are not hunting these people down. Hmmm, could it be that they are coming to Europe for economic benefits, and wouldn’t this make them illegal economic migrants? They successfully reached a safe haven in Turkey so why go further if safety is all they are after?

    The majority of these overwhelmingly Muslim foreigners who are forcing their way into Greece are males of military age. Where are their families? Are their mothers, wives, sisters, etc safe in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc but they are not? A gigantic, well orchestrated fraud is in motion, and it is enriching the Turkish mafia and the Turkish authorities who no doubt take a very large cut of the Turkish mafia’s profits in order to let them operate.

  8. 75% of the 350k people that have crossed over are from syria. tell me what is happening in syria? turkey, which borders the war zone, is supporting isis and also has 2 million refugees itself. this makes them war refugees. PERIOD

    to say Turkey is a safe haven shows how ignorant you are on this matter

  9. and they will be gone in about 1-4 days the average amount of time these refugees spend on this island once they arrive

    ignorance is bliss

  10. They will be gone in 1 – 4 days….gone to to mainland Greece, and replaced on the islands by new illegal immigrants that arrive each day!

    What about the little matter of Hungary building a fence across its border with Serbia and Croatia, Serbia and Croatia closing their borders with eachother, Slovenia imposing border controls with Croatia and Germany exiting Schengen?
    Greece’s EU partner Hungary is now imposing 3 year jail terms on any foreigner who tries to scale over its recently constructed fence along the Hungary-Serbia, Hungary-Croatia border.
    As illegal economic immigrants and pseudo-refugees (Turkey is NOT a warzone) continue to pour into the Greek islands, and are ferried to the mainland they increasingly find themselves stuck in Greece.
    Winter is approaching as well which will add to the misery.

  11. Turkey is NOT a warzone.

    Turkish authorities are not persecuting Syrian refugees, they are not killing them.

    Turkey is morally obligated to hold Syrian refugees on its territory as it was the Turkish government that over the last 4 years funnelled weapons to anti-Assad Sunni rebels in Syria, many of whom went on to join ISIS. If SYRIZA continues to refuse deploying the Greek navy to secure the approaches to the Greek islands, Turkey gets to avoid the consequences of its warmongering by sending Syrians to Greece, and will continue to funnel arms to Syria prolonging the bloodshed.

  12. Syrian war refugees are safe once they’ve arrived in Turkey, as there is NO WAR in Turkey, Turkey is not a warzone, so they don’t need to hop onto a raft and cross over from Turkey into Greece! THAT’S MY WHOLE POINT!

    I’m going to make this very simple for you, just one basic question.

    Are the Turkish authorities, i.e. Turkish government, Turkish Army, Turkish police hunting down and killing Syrian refugees residing in Turkey? YES or NO.

  13. the conditions of the refugee camps there are deplorable nor are there enough camps

    you JUST admitted Turkey is helping ISIS so why would someone feeling ISIS want to stay in Turkey

  14. you JUST admitted Turkey is helping ISIS so why would someone fleeing ISIS want to stay in Turkey

  15. Your reply conveniently ignored my points about Hungary building a fence across its border with Serbia and Croatia, Serbia and Croatia closing their borders with eachother, Slovenia imposing border controls with Croatia and Germany exiting Schengen. A new law in Hungary punishes illegal border crossings by 3 years in jail. YOU CAN’T JUST IGNORE THESE FACTS ivas4.

    Look at a map. The fences and border closures put in place by other EU nations blocks the illegal immigrants pathway to Central and Northen Europe, leaving them stuck in Greece.


    ‘It’s an estimate based on the observations of officials on the ground, especially the federal police,’ the interior ministry spokesman said.

    EU border guard agency Frontex has warned a market in fake Syrian passports has sprung up, particularly in Turkey.

    Google: “Germany admits a third of migrants who claim to be Syrian are lying… as even UN’s refugee agency says current problems are ‘the tip of the iceberg’”

  17. Turkish authorities are not persecuting Syrian refugees, they are not killing them.

    Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis etc ARE SAFE in Turkey.

    Turkey is not a warzone.

  18. “leaving them stuck in Greece.” but most are not in Greece and there are other ways to get up North……….


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