First Driverless Bus Launched in Trikala, Greece


A small bus that moves without a driver, crossed the streets of Trikala, central Greece, for the first time on Saturday. The initiative was a product of work by the CityMobil2 Program, a multi-stakeholder project co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development.

The small futuristic vehicle will be crossing a 2.4 km. route on a daily basis, except for Mondays, from 10:00am to 14:00pm and 16:00pm to 20:00pm.

For the first six days of its operation (until September 17), the bus will circulate in the city of Trikala without carrying any passengers. Starting on Friday, September 18, and while in its pilot operation, passengers will be welcomed to join the experience.

The roads on which the vehicle will move should be free from any kind of parked vehicles and obstacles.



  1. Will insurance disclaimers be provided for the inevitable outcome of using a driverless vehicle?.

  2. Will any venerated Icons be available a passenger could kiss and cross themselves before boarding a driverless bus in Greece?

  3. Imagine 5,000 Greek Bus drivers losing their jobs?
    That’s what they need at this time …