Greece in Danger of Having to Keep Hundreds of Thousands Refugees

    prosfyges14029Greece is in danger of having to accomodate hunderds of thousands of refugees after Germany decided to temporarily suspend the Schengen Treaty.

    The Schengen agreement guarantees the right of free movement across the borders of European Union member states. However, on Sunday Germany closed its borders with Austria refusing to receive any more refugees. As a result, hundreds of thousands refugees might end up trapped in Greece and Italy, which are the main entry points to Europe.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that, “Greece must take responsibility for the protection of the EU’s external borders, which are currently not secure.” Now Athens is forced to keep more refugees and migrants who are not likely to be forwarded to the European destination of their choice

    New Aegean Sea tragedy as 34 refugees lose their lives

    Meanwhile, a new maritime tragedy occurred on Sunday morning in the sea area off Pharmakonisi island, adding to the large number of victims of the exodus from Syria and Afghanistan.

    A wooden boat carrying an unknown number of refugees and migrants capsized off Pharmakonisi. The Hellenic Coast Guard collected the bodies of 34 people near the boat. Among the dead refugees were four babies and eleven children.

    The coast guard rescued 68 people while 29 others managed to swim to Pharmakonisi.


    Greek interim Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou criticizes Merkel for her comments

    Greek interim Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou criticized the comments of the German Chancellor about Greece’s alleged failure to protect its borders saying that it is hard to guard 16,000 kilometers of sea borders without the help of the EU.

    Thanou was at the island of Lesvos on Sunday inspecting the processing of refugees. She reiterated that the refugee issue is not solely a Greek problem but a European problem and called on European nations to assume their share of responsibility.

    On Tuesday, Greece will receive 33 million euros from the EU as a first tranche of funds allocated to deal with the processing of migrants.


    1. A great opportunity for Greece to keep good hard working refugees in order to better its economy. First benefit the money European Unions sends to help the immigrants for the first laps of time, if the Greek public workers do not take it for their own pockets. Other benefits in the long run: hard working, sometime skilled workers for the Greek private sector. Pension problem partially solved by those youth.
      Lady Merkel will want take some of them for the German economy after sometime (they are getting old too). Hopefully the best will stay in Greece.
      Lady Thanou is right when she says everyone should assume their share of responsibility: something Greeks should remember when always blame foreigner for their own economic/ political problems.

    2. This is a very serious situation. If Germany does not live up to its original statement that it will accept Syrian refugees (and clearly Greece cannot do so) the result will be that Germany encouraged more Syrians (and others) to migrate to Europe via Greece. Is it not enough that Germany is destroying the Greek economy with its policies?

      And the outrageous comment today by Merkel that Greece needs to control its maritime borders just shows pure ignorance. The only way to control maritime borders faced with mass refugee inflows is by committing mass murder.

    3. After announcing unenforceable migrant quotas of 800,000 this year and 500,000 the following year Merkel got an earful from her own party and many others horrified at the magnitude of invasion by 80% young men between the ages of 18 and 25. So now at her whim and sole arbitrary discretion she applies restrictions. How about it, do you think we should open our arms and welcome all hundreds of thousands of them or get tough and very likely risk being called “Racists”? The Turks are laughing all the way to the bank and this has not gone unnoticed by enterprising Greek criminals that will align with the human trafficking syndicates and perpetuate the “migration”.

    4. There is no outcome or circumstance where these people should be allowed to stay in Greece. They should be smuggled pushed out any way possible. Immigration is good for countries like Australia with a growing economy, not Greece. Every one that stays means that a local with have to leave in his place.

    5. Greece has no shortage of workers: it has a bankrupted economy owing to eurozone membership and the destructive policies of Germany. If you (doubtless a German, from the tone) want to send several billions of euros to invest in new Greek production, the priority has to be to employ Greeks. Not immigrants. Germans have the same opinion about their country.

      So you can stop the hypocrisy, and learn how to treat other countries with respect.

    6. Germany, like Greece, is run by traitors who hate their own people and wish to see all of Europe drowned in a sea of Islamic invaders. Merkel does not represent Germany. Merkel represents the death of Germany. Incidentally, Germany is already filled with invaders.

    7. In a county where the economic climate is such that one in three people people are unemployed(!) a few hundred thousand (5% or more of the local population) extra mouths and pairs of hands are not the solution. Not sure if your that effing stupid or if you commented simply for flaming’s sake.

    8. Interesting to see that Germany picks and chooses what parts of EU law they abide by…
      When will a Greek politician do the same???

    9. For your information: I’m Canadian, I’m married to a Greek woman, I live in Greece and for family reasons I’m not a friend of the Germans. I personally invested an interesting amount of money into Greece, many years ago and do not regret it even if the crises broke out. I know first hand the strength and weakness of the Greek economy.
      The problem in Europe is that you think you still rule the world and want ethnically homogeneous countries, but it is not possible anymore. Immigration bring some problems it is true, but it also solves many others. I see it first hand in Canada and the USA. I treat every country and people with respect but maybe Europeans should to do so and to solve its economic and demographic problems, for that you should suppress racism and bigotry.

    10. are you braindamaged? Greeks are the hardest working in europe, the problem is no one is hiring due to the economy.

    11. “something Greeks should remember when always blame foreigner for their own economic/ political problems.”

      Gee i wonder why, turkey has been offloading people for decades, most of the public assets that were sold to private investors went to germany and as stupid as the greek goverments have been, this kind of screw up takes too, but ofcourse we are not gonna talk about portugal and spain and italy and how they found themselfs through the same situations with the same austerity medicie and selling off assets to germany for mere pennies.

    12. I also know first hand the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek economy — both personally (I lived there 17 years until last year) and professionally. Most certainly, it has considerable weaknesses. However, those weaknesses will not be ameliorated by filling the country with refugees — even if some are highly skilled Syrians. BTW: my expertise is in labour markets and migration, and I am in principle pro-immigration: it’s just that I don’t see a solution here.

    13. germany likes to change the rules all the time like how they debt is 220% of gdp which goes against the rules. but hey its germany.

    14. I agree with a lot of this. But the Turks are not making money out of the refugee crisis: they are paying for 2 million refugees in camps, and can do without the problems of smuggling — especially as it involves a lot of Kurds.

      My view is that this is yet another crisis (like the eurozone financial collapse) where northern Europe is just plain incompetent allied with selfish. It is the failure of Europe as a political entity — and Greece is suffering most from the mismanagement. Of course, in such chaos as always the criminals will prosper while decent people suffer.