SYRIZA Minister Allegedly Involved in €3.9 Million Construction Scandal

flampouraris-apodokimazei-ti-sumfwnia-gia-ta-aeroplana_2.w_hrSYRIZA candidate and former minister of state Alekos Flambouraris is allegedly involved in a 3.9-million-euro construction scandal, according to a report.

As of 2010, Flambouraris is the owner of 50 percent of construction company DIATMISI ATE which he claimed he closed upon his appointment in public office on January 27. Greek law does not allow parliament members to own and operate businesses while in office. The other half of the company belongs to Ioannis Kottaridis.

However, the report says that Flambouraris’ company signed a 3.9-million-euro contract with the Greek government on May 20, 2015. Also the contract was signed at a time when all public works were put on hold because the Greek government was in the process of negotiations for Greece’s bailout.

DIATMISI ATE signed the contract with the Peloponnese Region and was signed by Kottaridis. Yet, Flambouraris spoke on public broadcaster ERT on Tuesday claiming that he closed the company when he took office.

The 77-year-old politician is Alexis Tsipras’ political mentor, according to the words of the former prime minister of Greece.

See the contract below:



  1. This is the problem with all politicians worldwide – conflict of interest.

    Corruption will never cease in Greece.

  2. Unbelievable! It took the new lot just 7 months in government to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. This is a clear, unequivocal case of conflict of interest. It begs the question as to who else in the previous government is involved in corruption? It blows Syriza’s electoral standing wide apart.


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