Acropolis Museum to Host Samothrace Exhibitions and Events Sept. 26-27

acropolis museumThe Acropolis Museum will offer its visitors the opportunity to discover the landscape, the people and the archaeological finds of Samothrace island with the assistance of archaeologists-curators within the framework of the European Cultural Heritage Days and the World Tourism Day.

More specifically, on Saturday the 26th and on Sunday the 27th of September from 17:00-20:00, the curators will be at the site of the exhibition “Samothrace: The Mysteries of the Great Gods” to answer to visitors’ questions. The thematic presentations are set to occur: Friday 25 September: The Great Gods of Samothrace and Athena of Acropolis, at 20:00 in Greek and at 18:00 in English. Saturday 26 September: Samothrace: The mysteries of the Great Gods, at 13:00 in Greek and at 11:00 in English. Sunday 27 September: Samothrace: The mysteries of the Great Gods, 13:00 in Greek, 11:00 in English and in French.

Up to 40 persons per presentation, while priority order will be followed strictly. Those interested should apply at the Museum’s information desk. The Museum will be open on 26 and 27 September from 08:00-20:00 while entrance will be free from 17:00-20:00.