Afghan Refugees Remain Stranded in Athens’ Victoria Square

Afghan_refugees_Athens_GreeceFor thousands of migrants coming to Greece from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Victoria Square in central Athens, will be their home until they find money and papers to start their journey to Northern Europe.

The refugees that have flooded the square and its surrounding streets, mainly Afghans, remain stranded in Athens for weeks waiting for authorities to help them get necessary documentation and for relatives to send them money to continue their journey.

Gathered either in families, or in groups of men, women and children, migrants spend most of their time sitting under the hot Athenian sun. The journey for Aghans, who are fleeing their war-torn country, is extremely long. Poorer than the Syrian refugees, and with their country being less in the news lately, they claim that authorities pay less attention to them.

As a result, their stay in each country is much longer than that of the Syrians, explains an Afghan refugee.Afghan_refugees

“In my country, Afghanistan, we have a war for 13 years! For 13 years!” one of the undocumented immigrants cried out. “My country is a war zone, an area extremely dangerous for somebody to live in. Because violence, conflicts and murders of civilians are everyday occurrences,” the migrant added.

“We are all refugees, I don’t understand why they treat us differently!”

The atmosphere is suffocating but calm, peaceful, in stark contrast with the memories that these human souls carry within them. Poverty though remains the same.

Fortunately, there are several local residents, as well as others living in the broader area that come to share bags with food and clothes with the members of this suffering population in an effort to provide them with all the supplies they need for their temporary stay in Greece.


  1. It’s funny that we haven’t seen the presence of Golden Dawn chanting at these economic migrants who just litter wherever they go, yet they would be at the Greek & Macedonian border armed with ‘Macedonia is not Greece’ flyers to throw Macedonian tourists going to Greece for a week.

  2. Where have you been did you not know there is an election on Sunday? The “migrants” are already queuing for more from those of us with less once Tsipras’ “reforms” take effect. After ND and SYRIZA bed each other there’s no telling what they’ll catch that even massive doses of penicillin won’t cure……;-O

  3. The male refugee says, “We come from a country with war and no peace… what should we do… ?” My answer is : “Granted… you left a war-torn country and made it to Iran, and to Turkey, both of which are muslim countries and have NO WAR. So why did you feel the need to risk drowing your family on a rubber dinggie boat to get to Greece and onwards to Germany ? So I guess its NOT PEACE you are looking for but a big fat welfare PAYOUT from a big fat rich and stupid country like Germany !” In fact I would ask him why should we believe anything he has to say if he cant even prove where he’s from since he burned all his passports and ID Cards.