Greece’s Golden Dawn Leader Assumes Political Responsibility for Rapper’s Murder

Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party called leader Nikolaos Michaloliaos "Fuhrer"

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos assumed political responsibility for the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, but claimed there is “no criminal liability.”

Speaking on Real FM radio on Thursday, the extreme-rightist party chief denied all allegations that he is a believer in the Nazi ideology and that Golden Dawn is not a fascist party but they believe in democratic procedure and are patriots.

Michaloliakos said that imprisoning the Golden Dawn MPs for the murder of Fyssas was a political act and considers the party’s jailed lawmakers political prisoners, accusing the New Democracy-PASOK coalition government for conspiring against “the third political power in Greece.”

The Golden Dawn general secretary defended himself and the party saying that “you cannot hold a whole political party responsible because one of its fans, one of its followers, committed a reprehensible act.” However, he assumed political responsibility for the act.

Fyssas, a rapper and leftist activist, was slain by Golden Dawn party member Giorgos Roupakias on September 18 2013. Although the party denied any association with the murder, it was proven that Roupakias had placed a phone call to Michaloliakos prior to the murder. The party leadership were then accused of the murder and his leadership group was jailed. Currently they are on trial on charges of forming and running a criminal organization.


  1. How about the leftists that killed 2 Golden Dawn supporters? Why aren’t the leftist party leaders in jail?

  2. Politically responsible in the sense that the guy was technically a member who swept the floors at one of the offices.

    “you cannot hold a whole political party responsible because one of its fans, one of its followers, committed a reprehensible act.”
    And this something that people need to keep in mind. If someone just so happened to be a registered Republican in America, happened to be a little nuts, and went and killed a vocal Obama supporter, that ALONE would be all the evidence you need to declare the Republican party a criminal organization, yes? If you believe that the previous statement is insane, idiotic, and nonsensical then congrats, you can perhaps now see why the arrests of the Golden Dawn leadership and the trial as a whole is a grand spectacle of idiocy and a display of the criminal nature of ND-Pasok.

    “Although the party denied any association with the murder, it was proven that Roupakias had placed a phone call to Michaloliakos prior to the murder.”
    Ah and then we come to this “evidence” that the media has been trumpeting since the illegal persecution began all those months ago. This was a call that was RECEIVED by Golden Dawn leadership. They themselves never gave him a message saying “Muahaha, kill this rapper for us!” Bringing up this piece of info in the way that this article does(as well as many others from other websites in the past) serves at best to be misleading and at worst intentionally misinforming.

  3. The entire case is a politically motivated farce orchestrated by Antonis Samaras who was exhasperated that ND voters were switching their allegiance to XA, causing him to lose his lead over SYRIZA, and so hatched a plot to eradicate XA by literally jailing its party leadership. This was admitted in a secretly video recorded confession by Antonis Samaras’s own Chief of Staff Takis Baltakos. The video taped confession is embedded in the following Greek reporter article.

    Literally the day after Golden Dawn’s MPs were subjected to mass arrests, Antonis Samaras gave a speech to the American Jewish Committee in New York, telling the members of this powerful Jewish lobby about his optimism that Golden Dawn would be curbed.
    In my opinion it is an act of state treason for a Greek PM to travel abroad to update a foreign Jewish lobby on the mass arrest of elected MPs of a specific Greek political party, which is hated by that Jewish lobby.

  4. Well if we threw those leftists in jail that would destroy the whole agenda against Golden Dawn.

  5. “Although the party denied any association with the murder, it was proven that Roupakias had placed a phone call to Michaloliakos prior to the murder.” – This is INCORRECT!

    Roupakias called the general contact number of the Golden Dawn party office HQ, he did not place a call to Michaloliakos desk phone. It is like calling the general contact number for the New Democracy party HQ, would your call be answered by Vangelis Meimarakis? NO, it wouldn’t.

    The media also alleged that Roupakias spoke on the phone to Michaloliakos after the killing, but a review of telephone records by police revealed that at the time Roupakias was alleged by the media to have been talking to Michaloliakos, Michaloliakos was actually being questioned in his office by a police anti-terror team.

  6. On November 1, 2013, Golden Dawn members Giorgos Fountoulis 27, and Manolis Kapelonis 22, were cold bloodly executed in a point blank range shooting by Leftist terrorists, whilst chatting outside the Golden Dawn party office at Neo Irakleio.
    The Leftist terrorist group called “Fighting People’s Revolutionary Powers” claimed responsibily for these cowardly killings.

    The media silence on the execution of XA members Giorgos Fountoulis 27, and Manolis Kapelonis 22 is in sharp contrast to the flood of media articles condemning the murder of Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. For example if you check Greek reporter, on September 18, 2014, the anniversary of the murder of Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, Greek reporter released an article reporting on his murder, but if you search for a 2014 Greek reporter article commemorating the execution style double killing of XA members Giorgos Fountoulis, and Manolis Kapelonis, YOU WON’T FIND ONE.

    Lambros Fountoulis, the father of murdered Golden Dawn member Giorgos Fountoulis, was elected 7 months after the murder of his son, to serve as a Golden Dawn MEP at the EU parliament in Brussels.

    Giorgos Fountoulis 27, and Manolis Kapelonis 22

  7. Well at long last a report on Golden Dawn and not much of one at that. Greece’s third most popular party has been ostracized by the same small minds as ND/SYRIZA that did in Themistocles. Instead of using shards of pottery they used the tolerant media well laced with Key words Nazi, Fascist, Bigot and the always popular with the Left…Racist to obtain the desired drooling Pavlov’s Dog reaction.. The ignorant easily absorbed all this love and tolerance and so today they sit at home unemployed thinking of the best means to escape the tragedy that has become Greece and the government they voted for.

  8. “Prime Minister Samaras and Greece’s law enforcement and judicial authorities have pursued Golden Dawn with admirable courage and determination, demonstrating principled leadership. The Golden Dawn Party threatens the very foundation of Greece, the cradle of democracy. Bringing party leaders to justice for their criminal activity is important for the well-being and security of Greek society.” said American Jewish Committee (AJC) Executive Director David Harris.

    Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, addressing an AJC reception in New York in September 2013, vowed to “deracinate” the Golden Dawn Party, and launched a crackdown on the party that led to the arrest of nearly all Golden Dawn members of parliament and parliamentary action cutting off funding for the party.


  9. Golden Dawn’s share of the vote increased at Keratsini where Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was slain, rising to 8.1% at the September 2015 National election, compared to 7.48% at the January 2015 National election.

  10. The Golden Dawn party is a criminal organization and a disgrace to Greece. It’s so easy to blame immigrants for Greece’s issues. We see countries like Canada embrace immigrants, while this party continues to show ignorance and racism. These are the same Nazi ideologies who killed hundreds of thousands of Greeks. My ancestors fought against such beliefs, and for what? All I hear from the Golden Dawn are ridiculous and unproven conspiracies, random and out of context quotes from the bible and blaming others for their misfortunes. Funny, this is what the Nazi’s did too and how did that turn out?