Foreign Media: Tsipras and Abstention Win in Greek Election

tsipras “The left-wing SYRIZA party is set to return to power in Greece, general election exit polls indicated on Sunday,” noted the Guardian’s correspondent in Greece, Helena Smith.

She also added that the leading party’s supporters had gathered in central Athens where they cheered when the exit poll results were finally announced on Sunday evening, after the ballots closed. “It feels good, really good,” said Dimitra Anagnostou, a psychiatrist. “To be honest, I always believed we would finish ahead; I never thought we’d lose.”

Furthermore, the Guardian also noted that even though SYRIZA is currently in the lead, the party will need to form a coalition government. If SYRIZA wins 145 seats in the new parliament, and the Independent Greeks (ANEL) get another 10 seats then they will be able to form a government with a narrow parliamentary majority, however this will not be enough to survive potential “revolutionary acts.” In any case, the Independent Greeks’ leader Panos Kammenos appears very optimistic, noted the Guardian.

“The conservative New Democracy party earlier conceded defeat,” noted BBC, while the Independent added that Alexis Tsipras now has 72 hours to find a partner or partners to form Greece’s next government.

Meanwhile, the Italian Republic added that apart from SYRIZA and Tsipras’ win, the left-wing parties in Greece managed to concentrate around 45% of the votes. “”After years of almost unprecedented crisis, the vast majority of Greeks are endorsing parties that are promising to keep the country in the euro even if that implies thorough and painful reforms,” Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Germany’s Berenberg bank said to Reuters.

“Greece’s international lenders welcomed the resounding re-election for former prime minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday night amid fears that the Leftist premier would fail to stick by his promises to stay in the euro,” noted the Telegraph.

Finally, the Financial times added that SYRIZA’s win has cemented Tsipras’ place as a “pre-eminent figure in Europe’s far-left anti-austerity movement and is likely to galvanize sympathizers including Spain’s Podemos and Jeremy Corbyn, the hard-left leader of Britain’s Labour party.”



  1. Golden Dawn came 3rd with 20 seats in the parliament. Golden Dawn is the 3rd political force in Greece today, the only political party that opposes the memoranda.

  2. “Greek” leftists are so incompetent they don’t realize that Helena Smith, along with the Guardian editorial board, is virulently antihellenic.

    The pretentious holier-than-thou Guardian not only unethically try to downplay the Skopian’s recent bizarre attempt to usurp our very identity but even act like they don’t notice the blatantly obvious state sponsored irredentism. (trying to hide their shame of calling them “Macedonians”).

    This behavior started a few years ago when the left Guardian published an article years ago by rightwing David Cameron who offensive called Greece Former Turkish Possession of Greece and claimed the Skopians only wanted to live in peace and stability. Today Cameron as PM shamelessly spies on the entire world with the GCHQ. He well knows the Skopians are promoting irredentism but the unethical bigot also pretends not to notice ( implicitly green lighting their irredentism)

    Essentially a bunch of pretentious Greek hating morons bought into the Skopian propagandists narrative that we are not “real” Greeks a few years ago. Now that the obvious antihellenic Slavs claim to be descendants of ancient Macedonians they are trapped by their own self-righteous bigotry towards Greeks..

    So much like the Skopians, their supporters in the UK have been busy trying to rewrite both modern and ancient history to hide their mistake of supporting them. The irony is that the modern British are far far less real British than we are real Greek (see German Queen of Sax Coburg and Gotha…whose ancestors changed names to Windsor to sound like they originate from the Former French Possession of Britain)

    Of course our clueless leftists would never condemn the modern British government for now effectively trying to erase Greeks (literally morally complicit in a subtle attempt to ethnic cleanse Greeks). Cowards.