Greek Elections: Official Results Show Clear SYRIZA Victory at 35.5%

tsiprasThe Greek Interior Ministry released the official election results counting almost 70 percent of the vote showing leftist SYRIZA winning the election with 35.5 percent and 145 parliament seats and conservative New Democracy following at 28,2 percent with 75 parliament seats.

The extreme-rightist Golden Dawn is Greece’s third political power with 7.1 percent and 19 seats. The center-left PASOK-DIMAR alliance gets 6.4 percent and 17 seats, with the Greek Communist Party (KKE) following at 5.5 percent and 14 seats.

Center-leftist To Potami is next with 4 percent and 11 seats, Independent Greeks (ANEL) get 3.7 percent and 10 seats. The Centrists Union follows at 3.3 percent and 9 seats, while extreme-leftist Popular Unity gets only 2.9 percent and stays out of parliament.

New Democracy leader Vangelis Meimarakis congratulated Alexis Tsipras on his victory and stated that his party is here and is looking forward to the future.

Alexis Tsipras has promised to fight corruption and put an end to vested interests and the oligarchy that are responsible for recession and the Greek debt. The SYRIZA chief has asked Greek voters to “sweep away the old” and look forward to the future. He said that now his government is no longer encumbered by bailout negotiations, he will be able to implement the party’s progressive program for social justice and growth.

New Democracy leader Vangelis Meimarakis based his election campaign on political stability by pointing out the mistakes made by the leftist government in the past seven months. He promised voters that his party will restore the Greek economy, create jobs and bring investments, accusing his opponent that he chased away private investments after he closed the banks and imposed capital controls.


  1. Yep, they deserve what happens next. There are websites in America warning to avoid Greece at all costs. I was just there 3 weeks ago. I cut my vacation with my family off after being there only 4 days, of a scheduled 29 day stay. What a dump. Immigrants sleeping right on the street in front of our hotel.

    We used to vacation every year there on the islands for a month. I am never returning to Greece. My travel agent says the complaints regarding the conditions in Greece are nationwide, and U.S. travel agents are writing Greece off as a place to travel to. I did receive a refund for the trip from my travel agent though which was the only saving grace.

  2. as in latam countries, the populist left will be un charge to accomplish what the unpopular right could not.

  3. Yeah right…spare us your bogus stories and fictitious websites.

    Greece had a record year in tourism (from this very website)

    Yeah because Greece is the only country dealing with an immigration problem now, as opposed to….Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and every other EU country. If the Northern Europeans had listened to the Southern Europeans a year or so ago maybe this mess wouldn’t have unraveled as far as it has…

    Go peddle your hate somewhere else

  4. You’re lying. Your own Greek media, and tourist industry, just reported Greece lost over a billion euros in tourist revenue because of the financial crisis. Your false claim, is disputed by facts.

    You Greeks have a track record recently of having difficulty in facing reality. My comments had nothing to do with hate, and everything to do with facts, and my family’s experience. You are also wrong in your claim about “fictitious websites”. One of those websites, is how I found this website. Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about me having to “peddle” back to Greece, and spending any more of my money there.

    Many Greeks want to leave the EU, yet Greece takes the EU’s millions of dollars. Where would Greece be now without that money ? We all know the answer to that one. By the way, watch what happens to the Greek tourist industry next year.

    No one listens to Greece anymore, the world has grown weary of Greece’s constant whining, and blaming others for problems Greeks caused themselves.

  5. Please spare us the histrionics. Just spent 3 weeks last month, much of the time in the Cycladic island region and had the time of my life. Published reports reflect that the tourist numbers have increased significantly to 22 million and so have the revenues. Global tourist rankings have Greece placed well above it’s relative size. I’m afraid the facts don’t support your assertions and it looks as if you have some axe to grind.

  6. Published reports ? That’s funny. Unfortunately, facts overrule fiction. The FACT the Greek tourist industry has published over a 1 billion lose in revenue due to the financial crisis, negates your false claim. Those are the real facts. In addition, where I was visiting the local Greeks told me tourist traffic was dramatically down. It was easy to see, as I had been coming to Greece since 2008.

    In addition. your own Greek media published photos everyday of the flood of migrants coming into Greece. I know what I saw with my own eyes. The people I met in the airport were also cutting their stay in Greece short, because of all the problems. So please spare me your fantasy stories. However, you can keep believing your own propaganda, and I have no axe to grind. You obviously have trouble facing the truth.

    No one believes any of the claimed tourist numbers you claim, as they obviously are not true. Otherwise, your Greek tourist industry would not be complaining about the over ONE BILLION EURO LOSS the Greek tourist industry suffered this year.

  7. I suggest you go look up the World Tourism rankings compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, recent reports published by World Tourism & Travel Council, the latest Elstat numbers on significant growth in visitor numbers to museums this year, recent reports from Reuters, Aegean airline passenger traffic up 19% in July year on year….do you really want me to carry on? All confirm this to be a record year and more credible sources you will not find. I’m afraid all I have seen you offer is unsubstantiated hearsay and a jaundiced vision….. so I think perhaps you should go peddle your nonsense somewhere else, as it certainly holds no muster here.

  8. Allow me to delineate just how ignorant your false claim is.

    You claim in your comment that the tourist season in Greece had record setting visitors to Greece, as well as record setting tourist revenues this year. See where you made that claim ?

    Well then explain this, and I can’t wait for your explanation. How can you have record setting tourist revenue from tourism this year, when your own Greek Tourism Ministry claims the Greek tourist industry, lost over one billion euros in tourist revenues this year, compared to last year, because of the Greek financial crisis ? LOL, LOL. Are you using some type of new accounting method Greeks use that now one else in the world uses except Greeks ?

    The only way you can claim a loss in revenue, is by comparing the previous revenue income. So your bogus claim falls in the fantasy category.

    Here is my suggestion for you. Get a proper education in accounting, and don’t believe everything you read that your Greek government puts out, regarding how great everything is in Greece.

    Need I remind you of the creative accounting, all of which was false, that Greece used to gain admission into the EU, and euro currency.