Popular Unity: Not Popular Enough to Take a Seat in Greek Parliament

The word Popular by definition means liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group, however this was not the case for ‘Popular Unity’ (Laiki Enotita in Greek), a new party formed by SYRIZA dissidents.

Popular Unity formulated as a makeshift party in August, however, it failed to be credible enough for Greek voters to elect them to the parliament, or make changes to the current course of Greek politics.

Popular Unity members accused former PM Tsipras of backtracking on his pre-electoral promises and emulating his bailout-endorsing predecessors. From this disdain for Tsipras’ changing policy decisions Popular Unity was formed.

The Popular party took a hard line on the plan that Greece was supposedly blackmailed into and set to push them further into economic turmoil. Yet, maybe, Popular Unity was, too new a force to the game of politics even though its leaders were decades old students.

Popular Unity chose Panagiotis Lafazanis, who has a 25+ record of political involvement as its leader, while Zoe Konstantopoulou often represented the party in the media. Although, Konstantopoulou has a shorter career beginning in 2009, she has a long political lineage, her father Nikos Konstantopoulou was the chairman of the former leftist Synaspismos.

Today, their parting words to supporters and the people of Greece was “we lost the game but not the war”. Clearly disappointed by their inability to acquire the necessary votes to execute an alternative to a third bailout.

“It is not true that there was no alternative and it is not true that there were no alternative proposals submitted,” Konstantopoulou has been quoted as saying in previous weeks, and added that she made specific proposals to the government following the February 20 Eurogroup agreement. She further questioned why the widespread notion that the Greek debt is unsustainable is no longer being pressed by the Greek government.

Popular Unity, was not able to reach the 3% electoral threshold in order to be represented in parliament. And with about 2,8% of the vote, inevitably, they weren’t as popular as they thought.


  1. The funny part of the situation is that Popularity Unity is actually the platform of Syriza only a few months ago; Syriza has now adopted the pro-austerity platform of Samaras. Unfortunately the self-righteous leftists that voted for Marxist Tsipiras are too incompetent to acknowledge their mistake by kicking the communist out of office.

    At this juncture “Greek” leftists would rather harm Greece by voting for Marxists to protect their egos. With the majority of “Greek” leftists prioritizing their egos and leftist ideology over Hellenism (also see Greek civil war) it is hardly surprising that Greece continues its journey towards failed state.

    “Greek” leftists are an embarrassment to the name Hellene. The would call anything “Greek”. They are best thought of as ethnic leftists rather than Greeks. It best describes their identities, cultural affiliation and loyalties. Like the Skopians they are Greeks in name alone. This precisely why Greeks that actually care about Hellenism were eventually forced to shoot treasonous leftists during the civil war. (after leftists begin murdering Greeks for IMRO and their failed oppressive Marxist ideology)

  2. Excellent. Lafazanis is a fraud and didn’t deserve to win a seat, he and his so called “rebel” SYRIZA MPs could have stopped the memorandum by resigning from SYRIZA before Tsipras had a chance to bring the memorandum to a vote in parliament. This would have brought down the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government and prevented the memorandum from going to a vote in the Greek parliament. Instead, Lafazanis only resigned from SYRIZA after the memorandum had been voted on and passed in the Greek parliament. Good riddance to this Marxist trash.

  3. If the best that the Greeks can do is support Syriza, well they deserve what they get. But then the Greeks are not very smart. They allowed the Americans to convince them that they needed a coup in 1967. Then in 1974 they obeyed the Americans e.g Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger when instructed instructioned to invade Cyprus . Then of course in 1974 the ousted the Royal Family because the Republican system was going to be the solver of all problems, it didn’t. The Greeks deserve what they get. Maybe they need another dictatorship. The rest is history.

  4. Since they are now out of the government, maybe the Marxists from Popularity Unity can ask Martinos, the Greek shipowner, if they can go rest in one of his villas, like Tsipras did this summer. Otherwise, there is always the estate of Varoufakis’s wife on Aegina as an alternative.

  5. It is indeed a relief that Zoe K has gone. Power went to her head and she was in love with the sound of her own voice. ‘She could talk the hind legs off a donkey’ — as we say. However, she and Lafazanis were trying to achieve publicly what Tsipras and Varoufakis wanted to achieve secretly: a Grexit they could blame on the Eurozone. Tsipras lost his nerve at the last minute, brought in capital controls, sacked Varoufakis, betrayed his party, sold his colleagues down the river. In any other country he’d be a laughing stock, but in Greece he emerges as victor with only a 1% drop in the vote. The only good news is that he can’t wriggle out of the awful memorandum he signed up to.

  6. Good Riddance hope we don’t see them again in any case who would vote for a Lafazani if people know what the name means in Cypriot