Turkey Releases New Footage of 1974 Invasion of Cyprus

Attilas_1974While deliberations on the Cyprus problem are about to recommence, the Turkish Army has just put out a video of 4 minutes of unreleased footage from the July 1974 invasion.

Turkish Hurriyetdailynews shows the 4-minute-long footage containing shots of the Turkish army and airforce attacking Cyprus on July 20, 1974.

According to the report, the publication of the video is part of a presentation on the the celebrations held for the 41 years of occupation since the invasion.

Watch the video:



  1. The Kurds will one day do the same in Turkey, they will create their own homeland but not before they take their battle to the heart of Ankara. Unfortunately there will be many body bags going home with young innocent raw recruits before the down fall of Erdogon and his criminals. Oh how we live in interesting times.

  2. To care about the Cyprus tragedy doesn’t mean that you have to be against helping other people in suffering.
    The “anti-Hellenism” or the “world conspiracy against Greece” are mythes by people who cannot face up challenges their own life. I never heard such stupidities from Greeks who face up life and fix their problems with seriousness. Lets be frank: all those conspiracy theories is for losers.

  3. Quite biased… there is anti-Hellenism amongst the politicians where money talks and this did play a roll during the Cypriot invasion.

  4. this is very sad and a reminder that grievances in thrace or any other grievances by a growing muslim minority (via illegal immigration) may lead to bigger consequences from so called neighbors who say they are acting to protect the minority…..

  5. Losers are the mountains of patronizing unethical bigots that downplay Skopians change into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism.