Vassilis Leventis: The Centrist Who Gets in Greek Parliament After 30 Years of Struggle

leventis-vouliVassilis Leventis, leader of the Centrists Union, has been a cult figure in Greek politics for the past 30 years. However, amid his so-called prophecies, denouncements and accusations against the political establishment, he spoke many truths that were very hard to stomach by the complacent political establishment. Yet, in this election Greek people are about to reward him by putting him in parliament.

“The Centrists Union never stops to denounce the wrongs of Greece’s political and economic life and warn against any adverse developments that harm the country and its citizens. However, the positions and the party’s leading proposals is the catalyst that can bring new life to the society and cause a radical restart that will grip the general functioning of the state and set the moral foundations for a system of law meritocracy, dignity and transparency,” reads the mission statement of the party.

Leventis’ denouncements and prophetic statements have often been proven true. Political scandals, election results, politicians’ moves and political events have been “prophesied” by Leventis. This explains why from a cult figure on late-night, small-channel TV personality he will become a member of parliament. And why he got 110,000 votes in the January election.

According to Leventis, the Centrists Union party is the continuation of the once mighty Centrists Union party of late George Papandreou, father of PASOK founder Andreas Papandreou. It was established officially in 1992 by President Vassilis Leventis and is one of the longest standing parties of post-dictatorship Greece, with continuous participation in all elections since then.

“Our ideological principles derive from the traditional aspect of the Center that sets man as its foundation and creates a reality based on pluralism, diversity, tolerance, justice, law equality, meritocracy and the absolute equality of all before the law and its institutions. Our great weapon is the realistic depiction of everyday life, logic and objectivity, based on which we judge, control, decide and legislate.” the official party description reads.

With Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece, as inspiration, the Centrists Union envisions Greece led by great politicians who sacrificed their well-being, their lives even, for the good of the country and its people, unafraid of fighting the oligarchy.


  1. “creates a reality based on pluralism, diversity, tolerance, justice, law equality, meritocracy and the absolute equality of all before the law and its institutions”

    He claims to be a “centrist” but uses the same buzzwords as leftists. This is the precise problem with Greece. In practice what we have is a left that calls themselves right (how ND racked up so much debt), even further left that claims to be moderate left, extreme left and even more extreme left. (openly declared Marxists won around half the votes this election)

    The problem with “Greek” leftists is much like they live in fantasies they could get foreign taxpayers to pay for our social services they lie to themselves by thinking they can match their leftist political narrative while keep Hellenism alive. Unlike far more competent ancient Greeks, they don’t see the obvious conflict between identity and democracy. For people x to keep their identity and culture alive requires them to prioritize that identity over others or rest assured that nation will eventually cease to exist.

    This isn’t limited to Greece. It even applies to multi ethnic countries like America who eventually assimilate everyone into an “American” identity by prioritizing the American constitution, the American language, American culture, American national interests, etc.. etc. “Greek” leftist fantasize that Americans would support a version of pluralism that put other identities ahead of their American one.

    We don’t live in a post nationalist fairyland that only exists in the mind of leftists. Leftist dreams of universal empire are nothing new. Communists, Fundamentalist Christians during the middle ages, Alexander, even ISIS dream of universal empire. . It will never happen because human beings are both individuals and still animals. It is in the nature of humans to form different likeminded groups that seek common goals. This puts groups in competition with others groups.

    Unfortunately most “Greek” leftists live in these dangerous fantasies. They have foolishly talked themselves into believing that unless someone subscribes to their views that automatically makes them”fascists”. (the oppose extreme of leftists). One can love Hellenism without meaning ill will to other friendly groups.

    The key here is understanding the concept of when in Rome one is pressured to do as the Romans. Pluralism in the way as antihellenic “Greek” leftists imagine it is both a nation killer and implicitly antihellenic. They turn the word Hellensim to mean anything at all… thus making it a meaningless term (much like the Skopians who use “Macedonian” in similar fashion). The leftist Borg collective would inch-by-inch claim Urdu is “Hellenic” and slander those that oppose their bizarre assertions as “racist”.

  2. no clue whatsover, this guy is more right than left. H literally agrees that schauble is right and he will do all the reforms, so your enitire idiotic rant on “oh this guy is a radical leftist who says he is centrist” is worthless….i highly doubt this old man is tolerant to trans people or any form of “diversity” then again you seem to think that everyone who doesnt agree with him is called “Faccist” when quite the opposite he is the one who told who is corrupt and why instead of speaking in general populous terms, if anything he calls the population “idiots” for not listening to him and believing that these 2 parties will not bring the country in this current state, which he predicted along with so many other things.

    So to recap.

    He is more on the right spectrum than left since he is old and doesnt believe in leftist values. He studied in Germany and believes in reforms and wants to do everything by the book and finally your comparison with ancient greece is pointless since anyone who didnt vote was stripped of his rights, because they thought that first you are part of the community and then a free man.

    0/10 not even one thing in your “look at me i am pseudointelectual” rant got anywhere.

  3. Vassilis Leventis, leader of the Centrists Union, has openly stated that he supports the memorandum as a whole but isn’t thrilled about it and may try to renegotiate some parts, exactly what New Democracy, PASOK, ANEL, and To Potami say. The mainstream media establishment tried to portray Leventis as a moral character who would try to keep the immoral corrupt practices of pro memorandum parties in check, barely mentioning the fact that he supports the memorandum, their strategy being to draw support away from anti-memorandum parties, and Leventis ended up taking 3.43% of the vote.

    Pro-memorandum To Potami is shrinking, taking a mere 4% down from 6.1% in January. The demise of To Potami was obvious from opinion polls in the weeks leading up to the September election, so the media rushed in to fill the gap by propping up another small pro-memorandum party, that party is Centrists Union.

  4. Someone that supports communists claiming those that oppose them have no clue is truly a lost cause.

  5. You have absolutely no clue what you are taking about. Tsipiras is a COMMUNIST. His foreign minister is a COMMUNIST. Most of the political parties that make up Syriza are made up of self-declared COMMUNISTS. I don’t say this in the way that the nutty Republican’s in the US slander Obama as a communist. Syriza are literally communists.

  6. You don’t even know you’ve been supporting a communist while telling everyone else how to vote.


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