New Greek Government: The Names of the Cabinet’s Potential Members

kammenos_TsiprasThe second SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government will soon be official. With the new Greek government expected to be announced tomorrow, a few specific names that are considered favorites for certain positions in the new cabinet, have been circulating during the past few hours, according to the Greek media.

Though the anticipated coalition may consist of the same parties, SYRIZA has undergone significant changes in the past few months. SYRIZA leader and soon to be Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

SYRIZA MP and former Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos is set to be nominated for the ministry again, reports. Although Tsakalotos took the ministry in early July after Yianis Varoufakis resigned, he negotiated a new deal for the third bailout. According to the same sources, Giorgos Stathakis will also be named the Economy Minister for the second time.

There are also reports that a new ministry, which will be responsible for implementing the bailout reforms, will be established. This ministry would be lead by Tsakalotos and would also include caretaker Finance Minister Giorgos Chouliarakis and former Deputy Finance Minister Tirfon Alexiadis.

Giannis Dragasakis could become the government’s vice president yet again, after serving as Tispras’s second-in-command for seven months.

Another important position that is up for grabs is the presidency of the Greek parliament. With the former president and SYRIZA MP-turned dissident Zoi Konstantopoulou no longer in the party, Tsipras will have to assign the position to somebody else. Former Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis is being considered for the job.

Giannis Mouzalas, the Migration Policy Minister of the caretaker Greek government, is set to return to his office as well.

Potential ANEL Cabinet Members

After his meeting with Tsipras earlier on Monday, ANEL leader Panos Kammenos rejected the possibility of him becoming the government’s vice president. As far as retaking his former Minister of National Defence post Kammenos noted that it is up to the country’s prime minister to make that decision.

Terence Quik is expected to return to his former position as Deputy Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations , while Elena Kountoura could become the Deputy Tourism Minister once again. Maria Kollia Tsarouha, who was deputy Macedonia-Thrace Minister could return to the government as well.


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