Tourism from Turkey to Lesvos, Greece Declining Due to Migrant Influx

lesvosOnly about 1,000 Turkish tourists out of an originally estimated 4,000 will visit the island of Lesvos on September 23rd to 27th, which marks the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, because of the situation caused by the arrival of refugees during the last few months, the owner of a local travel agency told ANA-MPA on Monday.

“Those who have arrived in the last week for two-three days leave on the same day, cancelling their overnight stays and everything else they had arranged to do during their stay on the island. Everyone says that they cannot stay in Lesvos for holidays because of the situation created in the city center, especially the port,” Aris Lazaris, who transfers about 80 pct of tourists from the Turkish coast to the island, told the agency. He also added that, even from those 1,000, it is not clear how many will remain on the island.

Lazaris cited a letter he received from a tourist agency in Izmir, owned by the vice-president of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), in which it is stated that the sale of trips to Lesvos have plummeted in Turkey “because of the large number of immigrants and the impact of their presence affects life on Lesvos”.



  1. will Tsipras build us another mosque this time on Lesvos to make the illegal muslim immigrants more at home? maybe we can have the call to prayer blaring out 5 times a day just like the old Ottoman days

  2. So lets get this straight Turks do not want to holiday on Lesvos because they do not want to see any muslims on Lesvos. The same people took their money and put them on an inflatable boat do not want to see other muslims.. How ironic???
    Brilliant..and the Turkish Tourist bureau wrote a letter to support this…Unbelievable…

  3. Around half the Greek population define themselves as far left extremists by voting for sundry communist oriented parties (Syriza, KKE, Popular Unity, etc..). Apparently 70 years of failed oppressive Marxist ideology, and thousands of Greeks murdered by Marxists for IMRO and communist mass murdering tyrants like Stalin during civil war, isn’t enough evidence for these shameless vultures that communism is about narrative not reality.

  4. when there is economic crisis the poorer population grows – the narrative of leftists is that it is all the fault of the rich and they ask to be put in power so that they can strip the rich of their wealth, Tsipras has shown this to be an effective strategy – history shows us what winds up happening is these leftists are usually liars and more corrupt than previous regimes. Tsipras already lied about not accepting further austerity and there are already reports of corrupt syriza politicians – i am expecting bigger corruption scandals and more lies from Tsipras during his tenure. The economy will sink further over the winter once tourists leave – we are headed to further doom and he will blame everyone but himself (the previous administration, the EU, the debt etc, the wealthy – he will never admit it is his fault).

  5. You are right about everything. The main problem isn’t Tsipiras though. Its the millions of leftist extremist “Greeks” voting for Marxists these days.

  6. Tsipras accepted the austerity that the old guard parties -who created this mess- would have also accepted, and you manage to find fault with that? Wow.

    Tsipras may be a leftist at heart, but has turned out to be centrist and pragmatic after winning elections. So, calm down.

  7. The push may have been there but no other greek gov’t was prepared to do it – Tsipras specifically said he would make sure it happens

  8. Tsipras said there would be no more austerity – you cannot spot the lie from Tsipras? I’m not sure how much more clearer it gets


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