Greek Student Creates New Social App for Smartphones

Girl With Mobile Smart PhoneValentinos Tzekas, an 18-year-old Greek Student, is the founder of new social networking smartphone application, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reports.

The “Near” application, which has yet to be launched, will allow its users to connect with people who are within a 1.5 kilometre radius. In bigger cities the radius limit will be extended to 5 kilometres. 

“I created the application because everyone at my age is online when they go out. This is an easy way to find each other,” he told ANA-MPA.

A user can create a profile and then locate other users who are close them. The app’s features include other functions such as winks and hearts, which indicate likeness toward that person. The app also includes a map and direction instructions to a friend’s location.

“It is the easiest way to discover, track and meet new people near you,” Tzekas told ANA-MPA, who reported that the “Near” app founder is self-taught in informatics.


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