1,200 Migrants and Refugees Arrive in Lesvos Within One Hour

    The refugee crisis that Europe is engulfed in shows no signs of slowing down as the latest numbers show.

    After the 2,500 people that arrived on the Greek East Aegean island of Lesvos between Tuesday and Thursday, Reuters reports that 24 boats transported 1,200 migrants and refugees from Turkey to the Greek island within just one hour on Thursday.

    The route has now become all too familiar, as another 1,742 migrants and refugees arrived at the port of Piraeus on Thursday, while the Eleftherios Venizelos passenger ship, boarded with migrants and refugees from the Greek islands, will also dock at Piraeus later in the day.

    Meanwhile in Athens, migrants and refugees will be able to stay in the Faliro Olympic Stadium, also know as the Tae-kwon-do stadium in the area of Palio Faliro for the weekend, according to in.gr.

    Those who are temporarily residing in the stadium were initially scheduled to leave on Friday as the World Wrestling Competition that commence on Monday will be hosted in the stadium. However, the weather conditions of the upcoming weekend have reportedly led the Migration Policy Ministry to extend the allowed stay period.

    Migrants and Refugees Abandon Edirne

    After more than a week of waiting in the Northern Turkish city of Edirne, the final 500 migrants and refugees have evacuated the city and returned further inland in Turkey, the AFP reports.

    Around 2,000 migrants and refugees had tried reaching Turkey’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria in Northern Turkey. However, Turkish authorities deterred them from getting to their destination by barricading the path beyond the city of Edirne, which is approximately 10 kilometres away from the Greek border.

    The Turkish government had urged the migrants to leave Edirne and desert their endeavor to cross into Europe. This stance apparently worked as the last of these migrants and refugees were transported away on Thursday. Authorities further prevented additional arrivals at Edirne by cancelling bus services from Istanbul to the city and by stopping migrants and refugees who had begun the journey from Istanbul on foot. When authorities had temporarily lifted the barriers, migrants and refugees had opted to head to Bulgaria instead of Greece.



    1. Amazing no one condemns Turkey for this very very hush hush but choose to turn on to us for not doing our job properly

    2. They must go to Bulgaria they deserve them there,Bulgarians and Turks have been instrumental in shipping illegals to Greece

    3. Where is this famous Greek army to protect Greece’s borders you’ve been bragging about?

    4. Greece needs help.as they are not getting any, they should turn the boats around and tow them back to turkey.