150,000-Euro in Offerings Stolen from Greek Orthodox Church in Paros

paros708_0Greek authorities were able to immediately solve a case regarding two church burglaries that took place on the Greek island of Paros on September 22, 2015. A 31-year-old Greek national was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, September 23rd.

Authorities have already filed charges against the arrested man who will be prosecuted for felony robbery.

In particular, the thorough police investigation revealed that on early on Wednesday morning the 31-year-old man broke into the Greek Orthodox church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, removing several artifacts that had been offered to the church by the faithful (tamata). The estimated value of these offering was 150,000 euros. A few days earlier he also broke into the holy monastery’s candle space and stole money from the church.

The burglar was identified by police officers investigating these cases, while the artifacts were found in his possession. Police also found 162.80 euros in cash, which were returned to the church along with the offerings. The 31-year-old man will be led before the prosecutor in Syros today, September 24.



  1. Another well handled case by the Greek police.
    The church is extremely rich, maybe it should be taxed or at least not have its priests paid by the money of the overtaxed payer. Someone who believes does not need all that gold and other fetish to pray and worship their god.

  2. We were there the morning after the robbery watching the CSI guys brush for fingerprints. Glad they found the culprit. He was pretty much caught red-handed on video for his 90-second heist.